♡What Were The Chances?|Part Three♡

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You stood there, wide eyed. At the back of your mind, you knew that you were yet to explain the situation to John, but at present moment - you were frozen.

John walked up to you, a deep frown on his face.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he raised an eyebrow.

"She was-" Michael stepped forward, but John held his hand out.

"This matter is between me and my wife," John chastised Michael before turning his head to you. At this point, the entire room was silent. "(Y/N)?" he searched your eyes. "You were supposed to go home, not go gallavanting with some stranger! I was so worried about you," he brought his fingers to pinch the bridge of his nose.

"John..." you trailed off. "I'm sorry for worrying you but...I was on my way home," you cleared your throat. "And whilst I was crossing the road, I zoned out...and Mr. Jackson, here, was kind enough to save me,"

John turned his head to study Michael before bringing his eyes back to you.

"So why are you here?"

"Because....Michael offered to show me Neverland," you walked up to John. "Baby, please don't be mad,"

John let out a sigh before nodding. At that, you wrapped your arms around your husband, hugging him. He rubbed your back before whispering.

"Let's go home,"

You gave him a small smile before turning to Michael.

"I'd better go now," you waved at him. "Thank you so much for this afternoon," you flashed him a grateful grin before walking out with John.



(Y/N) was beautiful, in every sense. The way she smiled was so pure and kind - I was in awe of her. Her laughter was like music, and grins were always so coy. If she wasn't married, she'd have been my dream woman.

But who was I kidding? Married or not, I admired her a great deal. John was a lucky man. I tried my best not to think about (Y/N) too much - it was wrong to desire a married woman.

Besides, she seemed like she loved John a great deal.

When she walked out, I caught a glimpse of the dress that she was wearing underneath her coat. It was short, and she wore stockings to cover her legs.

Mike! Quit it!

After John and (Y/N) had disappeared, I turned around with the intention to walk to the kitchen. However, an item on the sofa caught my eye.

(Y/N)'s purse.

A small smile formed on my face. I had another excuse to see her again.

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