Chapter 1: The Commercial

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"Chillin' with my bestie" is what I was typing when me and my best friend Brook heard the best radio commercial ever.

" Calling all Directioners! If u LOVE One Direction, then listen up! You could enter a chance to win front row seats to a concert AND meet the band!" Just follow @OneDirectionContest for rules and details. Contest ends July 24th. Concert 27th."

"OMG!!!!! We NEED to enter that contest! That's my birthday!!!" I screamed.

"We ARE going to enter that contest! Come on, go to Twitter! QUICK!" Brook exclamed.

"OMG!! If you win, ALL 1D dudes will follow you! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed even louder.

So we obsessed about them until unfortunately it was "Homework Time". This stupid thingy my 10 year-old brother made up cuz he LUVS skool, unlike us directioners. I'm in Advanced Math and E.L.P. ( Enrich Learning Program) , but I'm not as crazy to skool as I am to One Direction. I don't even think that made sense. Well, whateves.

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