Author's Note and Next Book Preview

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And thats the end! Don't worry, it's not the end of Elizabeth's story. Thank you sooooo much for the 3k+ reads, 150+ comments and 200+ votes. I never thought I would get that many! :O

Bloody hell (I feel like Ron hehe) someone explain 4.5k? you are all beautiful, amazing people and I love you lots and lots and lots :D

Okay, I have a few people I want to dedicate for reading and commenting on my story throughout..

@Untroubledsoul - You're the one who's helped me with ideas for the next book and you have been commenting non-stop. My inbox is full of extremely long potterhead convocations! Haha.

@SkyCaesar - You're book is amazing, and to have another Harry Potter writer to like and comment on my work is amazing! Thank you :D

@Mindlessmazes - I loved your improvement ideas, it really helped to start off the book in the beginning when I had no idea what to write! Thanks :)

@This_is_Emily13 - I always look forward to your comments, which are soooo funny by the way haha :) Thanks for your support fellow potterhead :D

@SlytherinMaddi - I love your comments, they always inspire me to write more and I'm always seeing your name pop up in my notifications, thanks :)

@xWolfyCanadianx - Your comments inspired me to update regularly, and towards the end, to update fastly. Thanks for the support :)

@Hermithea - Your comments make me laugh and keep me updating for you and everyone else to read, thanks for the support :)

These guys have been commenting throughout and I love reading their comments, you should check out their work, it's really great.

You can read the next book, which is currently out! So without further ado... Here is a preview of The Girl Who Lives' book cover and blurb...

"I watched the light fade from his beautiful eyes just before it faded from mine. Except I got the second chance he deserved. I walked away from the one I loved, leaving him in death while I chose life. I was the last person to see his pale corpse, and all I left him with was a rose and a kiss goodbye."

Elizabeth Potter was left to crumble after the death of Cedric Diggory, her first true love. And on top of this, her arch nemesis Voldemort was back. But when she returns to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with her brother Harry and best friends Hermione and Ron she soon learns she must pick herself back up and fight for her beloved, and the rest of the world. She thought her life was a nightmare, but it's only just begun.


To be Continued...
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