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They sat down on the sand and Jisung wrapped a fluffy blanket around them.

They watched the sunset, ate a few things Jisung had cooked, listened to music, talked and laughed until it was completely dark outside.

"It's getting dark, maybe we should get going" Minho said as he looked around the beach and started to get up.

"Wait" Jisung said and grabbed the older's hand, pulling him down to sit again and intertwining their fingers in the process. "I haven't given you my present yet"

"Present? Jisungie, I don't need a present, this is enough for m-"

"Just let me finish, okay?"

"Okay, go on baby"

Jisung breathed deeply before talking. "I prepared this for you to have a good time with me on your birthday and I didn't buy you a present because I thought that you would like a different type of gift today."

"And what is it?"

"Close your eyes"

Minho did as told. And soon, he felt a pair of soft lips pressing against his in a very shy way, as if Jisung was just testing the waters.

But Minho had been waiting for so long to kiss the younger for the first time, so he pulled him closer with his free hand and they sit there, kissing softly, under the moonlight.

"Thank you Jisung. Thank you so much. You're the best" Minho said as he hugged the younger as tight as he could.

"You're welcome, my love..."

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