♡What Were The Chances?♡

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You sat at the meeting table, staring into space. The people around you were all paying attention to the boss as he spoke. Working as an accountant meant that you were constantly required to concentrate. As you fiddled with your fingers, you suddenly heard your name being called.

"(Y/N)!" Mr. Davis, your boss, frowned. You shook your head and looked at him. Everyone else had turned their heads to look at you. "I asked you if there was something you'd like to add," he narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Uh...no," you faked a smile. After a moment, your colleagues were dismissed - and the meeting was over. After everyone had walked out, Mr. Davis shut the door and turned around to face you.

Here's the thing - Mr. Davis, or John, as you called him - was your husband. He owned the accounting firm, and you worked for him. The two of you had met when you applied for the job of an accountant with his company.

And, as they say, the rest is history.

"(Y/N)," John sighed as he walked over to you, pulling out a chair so he could sit down as well. He settled down and took your right hand in his. "What's going on?" he frowned.

"What do you mean?" you frowned as well.

"Recently, you've been acting like you don't want to be here," he shook his head. "I've already told you, if you don't like your job - just resign," he smiled a little. "I can provide for us,"

"I know...it's just that...." you trailed off. How were you going to tell him that you had just being diagnosed with depression and anxiety?

Yes, several days ago, you had visited a doctor - and after several tests, you were diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. It was difficult, especially since you had refused medication.

"I'm tired," you whispered.

"Then take the rest of the day off," he kissed your cheek. "Rest, and I'll try to come home early today,"

With that, he gave you one last kiss before walking out of the conference room.

Well, let's go home and sleep it off.


You walked out of the building, instantly being greeted with fresh air. A small smile appeared on your face as you made your way to the crossing.

Several moments passed before your mind began to wander. Memories of you being happy, flooded your mind. You missed the feeling. You missed being happy.

"Hey!" a male voice suddenly made you freeze. A truck came speeding toward you, and you closed your eyes - feeling someone pull you away.

After a minute, you opened your eyes slowly. People were all staring at you, and you realized that someone had their arms wrapped around you. When you looked up at the person, your eyes widened.

The person that had saved you, was none other than Michael Jackson. You had heard so much about the man, but you had never seen him.

"Oh my God..." you whispered as he helped you to your feet.

"Are you alright?" he questioned, making you blush slightly. He was incredibly handsome.

"Uh...yeah," you nodded, closing your eyes briefly before opening them again. "I uh...I just...didn't look where I was going," you laughed nervously.

Michael chuckled before holding his hand out to you.

"My name is Michael," he grinned. "But I feel like you already know that,"

"That's true," you giggled slightly before taking his hand and shaking it. "I'm (Y/N),"

"(Y/N)," he smiled. "That's a beautiful name. It suits you,"

Suddenly, masses of people were making their way toward you and Michael - screaming their lungs out.

Oh no.

The two of you were trapped.

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