He's infatuated by her. Those big green eyes get to him every time, he knows it's wrong, but he can't help it. She's mesmerized by him. Those piercing blue eyes cause her stomach to flip every time he looks in her direction. She can't help but fantasize. Is it wrong to be attracted to him?

He's 26, she's 18. He's her teacher, she's his student. She melts at his gaze, both of them find it difficult to look away. He's intimidating, she's gentle, but he's all she wants and all that she thinks about anymore.

Allison Evans, straight -A student attending Eleanor Roosevelt High School in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Allison is the only child of her busy parents, Michael and Jennifer Evans. Michael is the owner of a one of Manhattan's best law firms. Jennifer owns a designer clothing line that has spanded nation-wide. Allison was raised by her nanny, Emily Howards, and rarely sees her parents. She's a smart, witty, independent girl who knows what she wants and won't settle for anything less. Her sarcastic comments and stubborn personality tend to get her into trouble, that being the only time her parents actually seem to notice her. Although she seems smart and level-headed, she tends to get a bit reckless at times, especially when it comes to partying, although her parents would never even think that she has consumed alcohol, or has lost her virginity before marriage.

William Bennett, a young teacher beginning his first year of teaching at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He's a smart, handsome AP English Teacher. Never been married, and enjoys being single in New York City. He's never been the kind of man to be attracted to a younger woman, he likes woman his age, and with the woman his age, he's known to be quite the charmer. He uses his charm to his advantage, using it to fill his desire for a good time in the bedroom. Although when he goes to work, he becomes a complete professional, ignoring the young teenage girls swooning over him, finding himself uninterested. He's a strict, intimidating teacher who has no tolerance for sarcastic comments in his classroom.

When William Bennett lays his eyes on a certain student, all that he used to be seems to disappear. She becomes his new desire. Her sarcastic, witty comments in his classroom don't bother him, although he begins to enjoy egging her on, for her angry humors him. She's the smartest girl in his class and she's a quick learner. She enjoys English, but doesn't enjoy him. Although Allison Evans is in fact charmed by Mr. Bennett, she hates how he purposefully makes her angry and picks fights with her, as if he wants her to get in trouble. English has always been her best subject but Mr. Bennett is hard on grading, especially for her, which does nothing but frustrate her. Although he makes her angry, she finds herself intrigued by the man. Something about him just keeps her running back for more.

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