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Orange light poured in through my eyelids and nausea rumbled in my stomach. Distant voices, all concerned. "Where... am I? Ah... so warm and soft..." I fiddled with the soft fabric under me, not wanting to move to much. "Aurora? Can you hear me?" A woman's voice, around thirty I suspected. I reluctantly moved up from lying down, that no longer coursing through my body. Needles were stuck into my arms, tugging at the slightest of movements. My vision was hazy but I didn't really care.

"How are you feeling?"

I stared at her with fuzzy eyes, the whole world like it had been smudged. "Fine, thanks." I mumbled, groaning as the needles continued to ply at my skin. It felt so uncomfortable. My stomach rumbled loudly and I could feel my face turn red. "You must be hungry then. Let me do the finishing touches first." She said, reaching down to place her soft hand against my cracked one.

Light shone onto my hand and the familiar warmth flooded my body, sealing the scrapes and broken skin that were littered across it. "You might want to visit the water springs after this." She picked the needles out of my skin, a drop of blood surfacing from the inside of my elbow. My vision was no longer fuzzy and I sighed in relief. "I swear I've seen her before..."

The woman in front of me smiled with pearly teeth and flawless skin. Cornrows were neatly styled in her hair, cascading down her slender shoulders. Her warm eyes sparkled in the light, her skin like that of obsidian. "Wait... No it can't be!"


Kelly chuckled at my realisation, raising her hands in a fake surrender. "You've got me! Never thought I would see you here!"
"Wait what? How are you here?"
"I've been here for a long time, you know. I thought something was up when I started to observe you for the school. When you just disappeared, I knew where you would probably go."

"Are you ready to stand up now?"
I nodded at swung my legs across the bed in an instant, my hospital gown rustled under my body. The floor was cold against my bare feet. "What happened to me?" I whispered, more to myself than to Kelly. I felt her warm hands against my frozen shoulders, helping me prop myself upright. "You went into some sort of overdrive whilst you were mid-shift, causing your body to ultimately shut down."
"There are many triggers, Aurora. Any extreme form of emotion can cause loss of control, excruciating pain or unconsciousness."
"What emotions?"
"Sadness and anger are the main ones but Demons and Vampires have to be careful of their bloodlust. They can go into overdrive if they don't control themselves."
"Huh. Thank you Kelly for your help."
"You're welcome. Make sure you go to the water spring after this!"

Once I was dressed, I pushed the grand doors open and heard everyone rush to the windows in excitement. "What's going on?" I asked to a random girl close to me. "There's snow outside and everyone has just got out of lessons." She replied, smiling at me. It was obvious that she was an Angel by the way she looked, her light hair swept to one side. Her blue shone in the warm light. "Do you want to go as well, your Grace?"
"You don't have to call me that. Call me Aurora. What's your name?"
"What is snow, Anna?"
She looked for a second but quickly regained her perfect smile. I guess she wasn't expecting a literal princess to ask what snow was. "It's delicate white flakes that fall from the sky. It's really beautiful and you can sculpt it into objects."
"Sounds fun."
I completed my options. "Go to the water springs or go with Anna and experience this 'snow' stuff... nah... water springs can wait."
"Let's go!"

The first thing I noticed was that it was cold. Really cold. The landscape had turned to a pristine white from the hill, almost like a blank canvas, waiting for the artist's brush to hit. Tiny, white specks drifted from the grey sky, swirling in the bitter wind and eventually hitting the blanket of snow beneath. The birch trees' branches were weighed down by the snow, turning the green leafs white. The lake that was just below the hill that the Kingdom sat on was frozen, a sheet on ice laying on top of it like glass. It was beautiful.

Something cold struck me in the face, something soft. Snow crumpled on my cheek and stung the flesh. I stared upwards to catch eyes with Mackenzie. She threw a snowball in the air and caught in her hands, smirking at me. Smirking in return, I crouched at cupped at the snow. "Cold!" I thought, snapping my hands back. Mackenzie laughed in the background as I heard another projectile hurtling towards me. This time, I swerved my head out of the way and countered with a snowball of my own, landing it in the crook of Mackenzie's neck. "Ow! No fair! You asked for it! ANGELS VERSUS DEMONS!!!"

The howling wind was the only sound on the snowfield as our factions stood opposite each other. My smiling father and I stood by the hill, his massive midnight coat dancing in the arctic breeze. "Get ready!" He shouted, signalling for them to shift. Everyone shifted at once and light filled the air as the Angels transformed. There was a chorus of wing flaps from the Angels, the feathers blending in with the blank landscape around us. When the Demons shifted, black and dark purple exploded in a cloud of shadows. Black dresses and robes coiled across our bodies, crimson red eyes glowing amongst the white land.

"Come on, Aurora! Join us!" Mackenzie shouted. I turned my face away in shame, knowing that if I were to carry on with my act it would steer me clear of my unique heritage. Facing my father, I only thought of the question that lingered upon my tongue. "Does he know about my Angel side? No. I'm only going to make things worse for everyone." Mackenzie sighed as I shook my head slowly. I held back the sudden urge to cry when the pain blasted my head once more. My legs wobbled under the pressure and my vision blurred. "Stop! I need to control myself. It's fine... It's fine..." Once again, I looked at my Demon father. "It's cold. I'm going inside."

As I turned to face the Kingdom, I caught glimpses of Anna and Mackenzie's disappointed faces...

"Everyone ready? 3...2...1... Go!"

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