Secrets (Letter 4) *NEW*

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NOTE: Make sure to check out the audiobook recording! Kristen aka kaelking12 did an extremely moving reading scored by Ed Sheeran's "Small Bump". Enjoy!

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I want to be more than I've been for you.

To make you proud one day.

To be a better man,

So you'd better understand

my change.

I never want you to know

The man I used to be.

The truth is my guilt and past sins I've done

would leave me embarrassed and ashamed.

If you knew.

But I want so much more.

For you.

To give you a head start chance.

To be there at all the in-between moments that make up your life-song's dance .

I want you to know you matter,

No matter the mess from where you came

That even if circumstances between her and me were different,

Regardless, I'd still love you the same.

At first, I was full of resentment.

Though I know my stupidity's to blame

If I linger there with all that I'm losing,

It'd only drive me insane.

But, I'm not there now.

I haven't been for awhile.

I've prepared for the worst and the beauty of what this final countdown does mean.


I'm giving everything for this.


Everything for you.

Though it's hard with her, you'll see, that everything I do,

will be for you.

And, this life you never asked to be in.

From the moment you breathe,

You make.

The moment you see,

You create all the good that this situation needs.

The proof that seems conflicting is what most would say is contradicting,

That something so GOOD can come from a start first seen as bad.

To a brighter future unplanned,

I promise, with all my heart from this moment, here on out to do everything to show,

So you'll always know

how beloved you are.

A treasure

without measure

to behold.


(Thank you so much for reading guys! More crazy letters from the super talented tomorrow AUGUST 31st! Stay tuned! We can't wait to share them with you plus we're leading up to a massive & extremely intense update on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND after we post the last of Elias's Secret Letters on SEPTEMBER 1ST!

PS: Thank you guys for such awesome comments! We've been reading them all week and they've been really amazing for Kristen and I to see what you guys have been thinking!)


1. Do you think Elias did the right thing by keeping silent and not talking to Jersey (after rehab) about his could have been daughter?

2. Should he have just told her outright or do you sympathize/understand why he's struggled to tell her the full story about him and Mindy?

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