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Well I'm kinda getting freaked out since the thing that happened at dinner let's say I watch my back everywhere I go I meet the eyes of Aasif on the way and he still has that stupid smirk on his face,so I decided to go to my room and face time my love.

"Afafy hyyyyy" I said cheerfully

"Omg zeera how are you are you ok how is he treating you well cause if his not........wait What I'm I saying his the prince" she said talking fast.

"Everything's fine Alhamdulillah" I lied.

"Sooo what should we talk about or do" I asked then something caught my eye at the back of Afaf I saw a shirtless guy with boxers on then I realized.

"Ewwwww moh go put a shirt on and some pants would help" I exclaimed closing my eyes.

"MOH" Afaf exclaimed closing the camera.

"What don't act as if you don't like this view Afafy" he said and I sensed a smirk

"Resist Afaf resist and I'm still here" I said

"I know" said moh

"Just go put some clothes on or move out of the way" Afaf said

"Ok love" he replayed Afaf finally opened up the camera.Then at the back I saw moh shooting and gave Afaf an eye signal to look back.

"MOH" Afaf exclaimed closing.

Moh did a silly face before finally leaving the camera view.

"You married crazy" I said

"Tell me about it" she said

"I can hear you" moh said

"That's the point you know" I said deviously smiling.

"So what to talk about" and from there it all began.

"Okay your turn" Afaf said after completing the kiki challenge

"Ok how about level up" I asked

"Yay!!!" Afaf said.

I was in the middle of dancing when Afaf spoke.

"Damn your busting some real moves zeera and I think hubby agrees" she said 'hubby who's......' I looked back to find Aasif looking at me with a mischievous look in his eye.

"How long has he been there" I said whispering into the microphone.

"Since you started what's wrong" she asked obviously confused.

"Nothing bye" I said

"Wait......." I closed the screen before she could finish her sentence.

I looked back at Aasif who was looking at me with a smirk on his face.

"What are you doing in my room" I asked bitterly.

"I don't need permission to be in your room do I" he asked.

"Yes you do" i said

"No I dont" he said and before I could protest he spoke.

"Get ready we are going out" and with does final words he left.

Aasif's pov
"Are you out of your senses how can you just go out there and force a girl to get married" my father yelled.

"I can fucking do anything I want to" and I knew I had pulled the trigger.

"Don't you dare use that kind of language in my presence especially after what you just did I mean......." and from there I was deaf to his words and I was just thinking about zeera's beauty how her eyebrows where arched and her mesmerizing eyes always put me in a trance and down to her nose and those kissable slightly plumped up irresistible lips.

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