Chapter 22.

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We waved the kids goodbye. It's the first day of elementary school . Aj and i drove back home.  " You know Aj . It's been a while since we went on a date. How about tonight?" I asked getting my face really close to hers. She pushed it away with her hand while hanging her jacket. " Oh shut up ya. Who's gonna watch the kids if we go out?" She asked. " AB or Scoots could watch them. Maybe even one of the girls." I said. She chuckled and shaked her head. " Awww! Come on Jackie! Just one night! Please?" I said trying to make a cute face. She didn't even look at me. " Ya know that the puppy eyes don't work on me sugarcube." She said making her way to the living room. " Fine ! Than i'll have to get tou to say yes the hard way." I said as i followed her behind. She turned around and was shocked how close i was to her. " Come on Princess. All I'm asking for is one date." I said using the nickname i wave her. She blushed. " F-fine! But ya have ta find someone ta watch the kids!" She said. Her have turned red. She quickly turned away and walked into the door. She fell down on her butt. " Oww. A-ahm ok!" She said while i lmao. She turned and glared at me while her face was still red. " This is yer fault!" She said and went into the kitchen. I feel down. I was laughing so hard. I knew she wasn't really mad at me. It was just so cute.

The next chapter will be the date. I'm thinking of ending this book soon. Not yet but soon. As soon as they die. Anyway i hope you enjoyed that! Hope you have a wonderful day! Bye!

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