Fight Club (Jacob x Reader)

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The constant lull of the train whizzing by was enough to almost put you to sleep, but work was more important at the moment. Sitting on the lounge in the middle train car, you looked up from the middle of your paper hoard to the Assassination Wall.

In the middle of the board was a painting of Crawford Starrick, the Templar Grand Master. Being an assassin yourself, along with Jacob and Evie, it was your job to make sure the Grand Master's reign of terror over London didn't last for much longer.

You spent most of your time with Evie, out exploring London and searching for the newest Piece of Eden. To some, it was boring work. But you were excited with the whole mystery aspect of the Precursur Object. How was this so-called "Shroud of Eden" used? Was it dangerous? Did it control your mind, and make you submit to its evil ways?

You did spend some time with Jacob, but quickly found out that his arrogance was too much for you to handle for long periods of time. You shook your head, snapping out of your trance and glancing back down to your hoard of papers. Evie has assigned you some paperwork while she was off fighting Lucy Thorne at the Tower of London. You had asked, practically begged, to go with her, but she refused and said "this was something I have to do alone".

You picked up the last stray piece of paper, and put it with others that were like it. Picking up the stack, you got up and put the papers on Evie's desk. Sighing, you ran your hand through your H/C, H/L hair and looked at your finished work. All the papers were in order and ready for Evie to look at if need be.

You plopped back down on the lounge and closed your eyes, finally content that you had finished all your work and could now rest. But, your few moments of peace were interrupted with the train car's door slamming open. You jumped up, unsheathing your hidden blade, and almost stabbing the intruder right then and there.

And you would have, if you hadn't have realized that the intruder was wearing their famous top hat that held back their chestnut brown hair. Jacob entered the train, huffing and puffing, probably from running from either some Blighter's or Templars one.

You let out a small sigh of relief, and sheathed your hidden blade. You looked over at him, and said, "What's up with you?" Before walking over to another smaller stack of papers that was placed neatly on your desk that sat adjacent to Evie's, and fiddled with one of the finished sheets of paper. You deemed it important, and switched it over to Evie's pile before sitting back down on the lounge.

Jacob eyed you from across the train car. "I just broke into the Bank of England." He said, like it was the most casual thing in the world. Your eyes grew wide, and your head snapped up to look at Jacob's tired gaze.

"You WHAT?" You yelled, a little bit louder than you were expecting. You knew Jacob Frye, and you knew that the man didn't have a stealthy bone in his body. Everyone knew Evie was the stealthy one. Jacob was more of the "stab first, think later" type of guy.

"I broke into the Bank of England. Didn't you hear me the first time?" He told me, then eyed a bottle of whiskey from across the room. He strides over to it in 3 easy steps, then uncorked the bottle and took a swig. You stood shocked, trying to comprehend how he got away from the guards.

"How on this Earth did you manage to do that? Knowing you Jacob, you probably gave away your position to every guard in a 50 foot radius." You said, then got up from your place in the lounge so that Jacob could have a place to sit. You waltzed over to the few stray papers Evie had on her desk, and eyeing them to see if they had information on the Piece of Eden.

Jacob scoffed, slightly offended and sat down in your place. He took another swig, and his face scrunched up at the bitter taste. "For your information, I got in and out of the Bank's Vault, killed my target, AND managed to not crash the economy with no trouble at all." A smirk covered his handsome face, and all you wanted to do was smack it off of him.

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