20. Not Mine

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I pulled up to the court in some black dress pants and a white button down shirt with black dress shoes. The reason I'm in court has nothing to do with jail or nothing like but about my son. When I decided to take V to court so I could get visitation rights she took me to court for child support. So that's why we're here today, I did a mouth swab last week and shit since my name wasn't on the birth certificate and now we're here to get this shit settled.

Just as I was walking inside the court house Nicki called me.

"RIHMEEK GUESS WHAT" She yelled excitedly as soon as I answered I smiled at the fact that she haven't called me that in damn near two years
"What" I asked her still standing in the entry way of the court
"Mere can finally fit a newborn size pampers"
"Wow he's getting bigger" I smiled hearing her go on and on about it

I guess she was mostly exited about the fact that Mere was almost 3 months still wearing Preemie size pampers. She finally said she'd call me later and I proceeded inside the court house.


I had just laid Mere down for a nap and walked downstairs with the baby monitor. It had been hours since Meek and I had talked. I walked into the study room where Mink and Carolina were going over her abcs.

"Your daughters a genius" Carolina said and I laughed
"Thank you"
"Look mommy.. M.I.N.K" She said while doing it in sign language as well
"Good job baby" I said bending down kissing her forehead
"I wanna show daddy" She said moving all the papers over that was on the table and grabbed her ipad

She dialed Meeks number as me and Carolina started talking about the new baby and how Mink acts around him.

"Daddy didn't answer" She pouted
"We'll call him later baby we bouta go out to get ice cream" I told her and she smiled



"Okay mommys going to put you in your crib cause mommy is tired too" I said talking to a sleeping Rihmere

I lent over and carefully placed him in his bassinet which was beside my bed. I pushed my tittie back in my pajama shirt and laid down in bed.


I jumped up and looked over at Rihmere seeing he was still sleep. Who the fuck downstairs slamming shit I thought to myself as I threw the covers back. I walked over into my closet and grabbed the gun that I had at the top of the closet and left out the room.

I peaked my head into Minks room and she was still sleeping peacefully. I walked down the stairs and cocked the gun as I turned on all the lights downstairs.

"What the fuck Meek" I asked sitting the gun down
He was downstairs in my house throwing shit. He looked down trying to avoid eye contact with me but I could already tell he had been crying.

"Meek what happened" I asked him and he ignored me like I wasn't even talking
"What they gave her full custody" I asked him
"Yeah" He said lowly
"Rihmeek" I said walking up to him hugging him
"You're a great dad I wish the judge would've known that" I told him
"He wasn't even mine Nic" He said softly


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