chapter thirty-two ; hazardous

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september. 2010

The past couple of weeks had been very eventful.

Joe's paid Mike the five million dollars and immediately after that, Finn and Millie went to work. Joe provided the ingredients and equipment to cook the product while Finn and Millie made the magic happen.

After the first cook, the cash almost instantly started to roll in. Millie was surprised at how much money they were making in such a short amount of time. She never thought that a simple girl like her would be making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However at times her emotions got the best of her. She obviously knew that what they were doing was wrong and they'd ruined countless lives, but she was in too deep to simply stop.

Finn had went ahead with the plans of purchasing the car wash and Natalia was actually enjoying running her own business. Although she hated having to launder all of Finn's money. It was a real pain to have to balance the books with the illegal money and the legal money.

Not to mention, she never realized exactly how rich Finn was. The first day he brought in a briefcase that contained $800,000 and that was just the beginning of it.

Everything seemed to be going very well.


Mike opened his front door to reveal a middle aged man standing on his front porch. The man was wearing a blue jacket with a patch on it and Mike instantly could tell that the man worked for the dreaded D.E.A.

David reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small badge to identify himself. Mike's face stayed completely emotionless as he watched the man place his identification back into his pocket. He knew that the best legal defense was simply to stay quiet and say nothing.

"Mr. Coffman, we found some of your information awhile back at a drug related murder scene. We also found Dom Gonzalez's information written right next to yours. I'm sure you heard about him on the news." David explained to the man. He had a good feeling that Mike was guilty although he wasn't completely sure.

"I've never heard of the man you mentioned. I don't watch the news." Mike retorted. He quickly assumed that Marvin must've had info about him and Dom somwhere in his apartment. Another error that he instantly blamed Finn for. If Finn hadn't murdered Marvin, the D.E.A would've never found out anything about the operation.

"If you don't mind, I'd appreciate it if you would come back to headquarters so we can ask you some questions." David stated with a smug grin on his face.

Mike exhaled. "I don't mind, but I'll feel bad for wasting your time."


Finn was sitting on the couch watching television while his mother was sitting next to him and knitting, and his father was reading the paper in his chair.

Suddenly Finn's cellphone began to ring. He sighed and quickly pulled the device out of his pocket. He flipped it open and held it up to his ear.

"Hi little buddy." Sean spoke optimistically as he spun around in his desk chair. Finn internally cringed at the nickname.

"Uh, what is up?" The boy responded. Sean didn't usually simply make social calls. It usually had something to do with the business.

The lawyer exhaled. "Well I have a bit of bad news. You see, uh... Actually well it's your uncle and his buddy... But yeah, they are questioning our boy Mike. They didn't arrest him, they are just asking him some questions."

Finn's eyes widened and his heart sunk. He had no idea how the D.E.A found out about Mike, but he assumed that it most likely had something to do with the death of Marvin. As that was how they found out about Dom.

"He's not gonna flip on us... Right?" Finn asked quietly. His parents both looked at him in confusion and then he suddenly remembered that he wasn't in the room alone.

Sean chuckled. "Of course he won't." The man assured.

Finn and Mike weren't on the best terms, so even with Sean's assurance, the idea of Mike being questioned was rather scary.


"I find it hard to believe that you know nothing about any of this." David stated. Mike simply looked at him and said nothing.

The questioning had been extremely counterproductive for David. Mike either stayed silent or said "no" to every question. He knew his rights and he used them very wisely.

"So you had no idea who Dom Gonzalez or Marvin White were?" The younger man asked one last time.

Mike exhaled. "If you're finished asking me shit, I'd like to leave. I have things to do."

"You may leave." David said with a scoff while glancing down at the ground. Mike got up from his seat and slowly began to make his way to the exit. He looked over his shoulder for a brief moment as he walked out the door. He thought it'd went rather well.

"I know he's guilty as hell but we have no proof." David muttered while running his hands through his hair. Robert sighed and nodded.

"Do you think we have grounds to arrest him?" Robert asked. David instantly shook his head.

"If we arrest that guy, he'll sue us into the stone-age." He answered with a chuckle.

They both felt like Mike was one of the last puzzle pieces in the entire Heisenberg mystery. They were getting incredibly close to cracking the code.

All they could do was keep going.

* * * *

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