The Letter

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Dear Crush,

      I don't crush on people very often. It takes a lot for people to truly win my affection, but I know I feel something for you I haven't felt before. I don't often express my feelings, for fear of being hurt, and I'm not sure I will ever tell you any of this when just the thought of doing so is horrifying. I'm also not certain if I believe in soulmates, but maybe one day you'll think of me the way I do you, and it will be the definition of near perfection.

      The way you make me feel is almost indescribable. I find myself grinning at nothing when you're around. When you smile at me, I can't help but do the same. You have a special effect on me that I can't seem to place. You are the cause of the euphoria that fuels me, and allows me to make it through the day. No one has ever made me feel this way except for you, and I highly doubt anyone else ever will.

      Numerous things about you make my heart melt, but there are a few that stand out. The way your laugh is clear and real, and seems to light up the entire room you're in. You are humorous and witty, and your jokes make others (including me) feel joy. You are kind and good hearted to everyone, and you make everyone feel welcome. You are just all around a good person, and that is probably why I feel the way I do.

      There are so many things I would say if I wasn't so unbelievably frightened to tell you the truth. Like how you make me feel, and everything about you that drives me crazy. For now, I'll just fantasize and pray that one day we'll see eye-to-eye.

      I think I'm in love with you. Sadly, I can only dream of you feeling the same.

                               Best Regards, 

                                      A girl who cares.

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