II.(Introduction Pt.2)

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Her Instagram @pearlpaulao

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Her Instagram @pearlpaulao

What I create is chaos.

I was born to strip lungs of their breaths.
To destroy pretty little things and burn them to the ground.
To bring the world to its knees and to feel pleasure when I hear my name being said in fearful whispers.

I was made to be a monster, an assassin who spends the majority of her time killing and ending lives that deserve to be taken away and truly, I enjoy taking the life of every single one of those mother fuckers. Oh, it's hard not to take pleasure in such delights.

Who would even dare, to challenge me?

Me, a woman that successfully made a name for herself outside her family. The only daughter of a king who forgot my name. The multimillionaire who runs one of the most reliable international enterprises, known by the name of Moretti Professional Corporations which will very soon belong to brother alongside casinos, hotels, restaurants... which my father uses to launder his dirty drug money.

What? You thought all this money he has is clean? Please, behind a great fortune there's a greater crime.

Which I will have the greatest delight to expose soon.

Because my body and mind refuse to give me any rest regarding him. My soul seeks for my own father's pain. It seeks revenge and I can't rest until I take everything he has, how he has done with me. Then I will grant myself the pleasure of watching him die slowly.

This is what I've been made. This is what he made me: A monster.

I was robbed of the opportunity of being soft or experiencing love after he abandoned me. But even before, I was always bloody knuckles and shards of glass. I wanted people to be afraid of me, to be terrified of even thinking of hurting me, not as Cassandra Moretti but as someone who is believed to not have an identity. The Silent Killer.

Then there's my mother, Sapphira Moretti Casablanca whom I can barely remember.

I recall her being softer than me. From the outside, she may seem like an obedient, intellectual woman who undoubtedly does everything by the book. Little does anyone know she's not to be messed with, her anger grows worse than mine, an anger that I have yet to witness.

Most likely, that's the reason she's treated like a royal amongst peasants. Who would be naïve to do otherwise? She hangs with dangerous crowds, the kind of crowd that would chase you in all each of your nightmares if needed it be.

My mother comes from a perilous family, she is a descendent of a Cuban drug lord who made her country grow in great wealth solely by running a drug cartel, the same one my mother currently owns.

Since she was the only child that wished to get her hands dirty and become a criminal, she helped her father run his drug empire; money laundering, red houses... Along with other trades in the country. As far as I witnessed, they ran Cuba, and nothing can stop that going.

Before her father was assassinated by an enemy of his, he wanted more power - he wanted to move his shipments overseas so that his figures would increase. Lucky for him, that's when he found my mother was pregnant with my brother and me.

Though my mother and my father come from two different backgrounds and their families were two negative magnets trying to be pushed towards each other, my grandfather used their relationship for the benefit of his business.

When my mother gave birth to my brother and I, a large percentage of my mother's cartel was given to my father. Even though my parents are criminals, and we were going to be raised in that type of environment, either way, my mother wanted to raise us in a properly educated and civilized way, not like criminals.

Humour me, how that failed.

Instead of playing with toys, I played with knives and guns. I met evil when I was only a child. What did they expect? For me to jump around and scratch my ass whilst being clueless about the criminal activity that goes on in my family?

Right after my mom's cartel was given to Alejandro, his power and influence only increased. He now is like a mafia king, everyone bows to him, everyone fears him, but that doesn't mean he's the most powerful, unfortunately, he isn't.

Eros Valentino is.

Pretty much the same abhorrent guy that wants me buried deep under the cold ground due to his lack of businesses knowledge.

I took a little advantage of him being new to this life but it was only a few years ago. Precisely after I assassinated Eros Valentino's grandfather. The Valentinos had it coming, so I had my way with their drugs, soldiers, weapons, cargos... and exploited it all until there was nothing left for them to cry after.

There came a time where that family began to trail too close behind me, too close to finding out my identity, so I bombed one of Eros's safe-houses and made him lose more millions for the sake of keeping them distracted for a while. Eventually, Eros did find out my identity but he knew best to keep his mouth shut because if I go down, he goes down with me. Rather, the whole criminal industry goes down with us.

Plus, what I did wasn't that bad, was it? Come on, it was just a little warning that placed him back into square one, but it seems like he still can't get over what happened, so I guess he hates me? That must be deep.

"I'll get them, whoever it is. I'll kill them with my bare hands. Their soul will ask for mercy, and they will have none." Beautiful and poetic words directed to me, from Eros Valentino's disgusting mouth itself.

Ignorant much?

One thing about me is that I'd rather suffer and swallow every bit of pain like a denim vest like I have been doing for endless years than to look like a coward, beg,  and get the easy way out.

I believe he's a little butthurt from all the chaos I've caused him and maybe he wants to kill me. I'm not sure if he has yet to notice that there's a little problem with this scary plan of his, which is that... I'm not ready to die yet. Hence why, I'm happy to announce that if he wants a battle, I will gladly give him a war.

Legend says that whoever provokes The Silent Killer, will not last twenty-four hours before they end up choking in their puddles of blood while falling into the self-deception of thinking they will be rescued when in reality, they won't.

I could end Eros Valentino if I wanted to. I've got the money, power, support, and the looks to seduce him, only if I wanted to. You know, beauty is dangerous, but intelligence is lethal. The more intelligent the girl, the darker her sensuality and I've got dark plans that await only and especially for him. Therefore, I vow that I will destroy him, ruin his soul, strip away all that he loves. I will own him. His body, his soul, his mind. Everything. Then I'll kill him.

This has now become a war in which no sympathy will be shown whatsoever. I know it will be brutal but I plan on winning, because whoever has to die... Will die.

So it'll have to be plata o plomo, silver or lead.

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