Episode 10: A Girl's Problems

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Things went quiet for a bit after that

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Things went quiet for a bit after that. Thankfully, the Lock and my nightmares left me alone. Really, I needed a break from those things. Probably more than I was willing to admit.

Today was slow but it wasn't.

Yesterday, Cyan left to run her stand. I didn't go with her when she did cuz I happened to be asleep when she left.

For whatever reason, she didn't come home last night. She hadn't mentioned anything of note to me, either. No, she came home in the morning.

What happened to her? She looked like a ghost.

Maybe she was sick? It was possible... She could've gone to a hospital. Wait... If that happened, wouldn't I have gotten a message from her? Or from the hospital if she needed it?

That couldn't have happened.

When she got home, she face planted on the couch.

I hadn't gotten to see that, though. I happened to be in the shower when that happened. If not for Honey, I might not have noticed right away.

Honey seemed to be a smart puppy. Cyan hadn't bothered to kick her boots off when she got in the house. Honey got them off by herself.

I was leaning on the wall when she woke up.

She rolled over and nearly rolled off the couch. "Morning, Wyatt."


She pushed herself to her feet. "Well, I'm going to bed, so good night..."

I grabbed her before she could hit her head on the coffee table or something equally awful. "Take it easy, alright? You don't need to be the hero."

She muttered, "My head's killing me."

"Just relax." I put one hand under her knees and the other under her neck. "Okay?"

"You don't..." I laid her in her bed. She was tensed up and clearly in pain.

I smiled. "It's fine."

I brushed her hair out of her face. Her forehead wasn't hot. I remembered from before I lived with Hannah that was a sign a Regular was getting sick. I guess that wasn't it.

Kneeling beside her, I ran my hand across her back. "Do you have something you usually do when this happens?"

"Nope. Just grin and bear it."

"Alright. We'll be here, so just relax." I shut her blinds on my way out.

It was harder to fall asleep with the sun in your face. If she had a headache, I just helped her with that, too.

Anyway, I'd spend the day in the living room. I needed to make sure if she came out of her room, she wasn't gonna hurt herself or anything.

Honey was standing guard over her right now. This way, she'd be right there if anything happened. Honey would know if I needed to do something. And, it gave Cyan some semblance of privacy since Honey was a girl and a dog.

Since it was on my mind, I needed to eat then. I was pretty much alone then. I couldn't expect Honey to remind me. Knowing me, I'd forget in five minutes.

Anyway, I made cereal and chilled on the couch. This was one of those days I wasn't really interested in food.

Ame came through the door when I was close to dozing off. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing much. Cyan's been kinda off today, so I wanna keep an eye on her."

She raised an eyebrow. "Do you know why?"

"I'm not really sure." I sat up. "Don't girls have something that happens once a month that makes them sick but not sick?"

Ame face palmed. "Yes. I'm surprised you know that exists." She took a breath. "Did this just happen today?"

"Yesterday, maybe."

"Do you need help with her?"

I shook my head. "If I need it, I'll ask."

Her cheeks were bright red. "I wasn't really able to help you last I saw you. Have you been alright?"

"It's been great. I needed a break from my mind and the Lock business." I smiled. "I don't know if she used magic or what, but Cyan found a way to give me that."

Ame looked at me sideways. "You needed a break from your own mind?"

"Yeah. I was just getting reminded of a lot of things. It really can be the worst."

"Reminded of bad things? What did you do about it when you were home?"

I nodded. "Really, there wasn't much I could do about it. If it got bad enough, Hannah, Enji, or my big brother did something about it. I couldn't tell you what they did, though."

Her eyes looked past me.

"Anything else? I was close to dozing off, so I could use a way to stay awake."

"How do you know you're not tired then?"

I rolled my eyes. "Cuz I actually slept yesterday."

"If you say so..." Ame leaned on the coffee table. "Is she in her room right now?"

"Yeah. I got her into bed after she woke up earlier. She was gone last night, and she couldn't or wouldn't make it to her bed when she got back." I glanced at the hallway. "I was in the shower when she got home."

Ame was staring.

"I hadn't expected this to happen."

"That wasn't most surprising thing you said. Humans shower." She crossed her arms. "You actually carried her?"

I nodded. "The girl isn't that heavy."

"Don't you usually do that with children who are a lot smaller than you?"

"Usually. Not always."

"Anyway, are you sure she didn't catch a cold or something?"

"If that happened, wouldn't she have a fever? Last I checked, she didn't have one."

Ame sighed. "Just because she didn't have one earlier, doesn't mean she doesn't have one now." She gazed into my eyes. "Wouldn't you be keeping a closer eye on her if she were one of your siblings?"

I had fight to keep a neutral expression. "You need to ask that? Evolving and being sick are rarely the same. I could wake her if I needed to."

"Do you mind if I talk to her?"

"If she wants to be left alone, leave her. Otherwise, I realize you understand those things better than I do."

Ame took a long breath. "Fair enough."


Thoughts on what happened to Cyan? Theories? Predictions?

~Shino out

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