Pigeon sent

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Clarke went directly to Raven's workshop. "Hey." She said and moved to hug the girl. "Hi. You okay? What happened to your face?" The mechanic asked and Clarke pulled back from the hug and sighed. "I am, despite what is happening. And this was a vengeful warrior who tried to kill me but I'll tell you everything later. You?" She asked and Raven nodded. "I'm good. It's definitely nice not to have a painful crippled leg." She said and they smiled before Clarke gave the girl the reaper device. "Work your magic, Ray." Clarke said and the girl smiled. "How is our boy?" Raven asked talking about Emerson and Clarke smirked. "He will be fine and running back to his people in a few." Clarke said to her and Raven smiled.

"What I am worried about is what comes next." Clarke said out loud and Raven nodded sitting down. "Do you have a plan?" she asked the blonde and Clarke nodded. "We do. A risky one but if it works, it will be much better than last time." Clarke said and they looked at each other. "I can't wait for this to be over." Raven said and Clarke sighed. "You're telling me that?" She said and they chuckled. "And what about you two? How are things going?" Raven asked and Clarke smiled as she went to sit in front to Raven with a smile on her face. "It's great. I can't even begin to tell you what it means to have her again. It's the best feeling in the world." Clarke said and Raven smiled.

"Did you talk to her about the deal?" Raven asked and Clarke nodded sighing. "I did and her answer was something I already expected which it is that if we were to find ourselves in the same situation that she would take the deal because if she doesn't all of her people inside the Mountain will die." Clarke said and Raven whistled. "Woah. That must have not been an easy conversation then." Raven said worriedly and Clarke shook her head. "Surprisingly, it was. Despite that, Lexa did promise that this time she would come back for me." Clarke explained.

"Are you sure you are okay with it? Are you okay with her betraying us again?" Raven asked not accusingly but more curious. "Yes, I understand why she would say that and you know why?" Clarke asked and Raven shook her head, "Because if it comes to it, I know I will destroy the Mountain again." Clarke said and raven seemed to understand now what her friend was talking about. "Believe me, it is not a decision either one of us wants to do it but if we have no other choice, we will have to make them and deal with the burden of those choices but what is important is that we agreed that no matter what, we will stick together." Clarke said and raven smiled at her friend.

"Well, I can only say that I'm happy for you, that you have found someone that is prepared and wants to share your burdens. I wish that the same can happen with me and Luna if we get to that point." The mechanic said and Clarke smiled at her. "I know it will and as soon as this is over, I will figure out a way to get the two of you together and boom. Done. You got your girl as I got mine." Clarke said and she sighed. "Hopefully. I also can't wait for that to happen." She said and Clarke nodded just as they heard Octavia's voice as she came inside the room and Clarke stood up and went to her side. "Raven, any word from Bellamy?" she asked and Raven looked at her. "Nothing yet." Raven said and the girl sighed.

"Lincoln is missing too. He should be back by now." She said frustrated and Clarke squeezed her arm. "They will be okay." Clarke said and Raven nodded. "Totally. He will be back before you know it. Cross my heart and hope to die." Raven said and Clarke smiled as they heard the speakers. "Clarke Griffin. Please report to the south airlock, immediately." Clarke sighed and looked at her friends. "We'll finish this later. Ray, the devices. As many as you can do." She said and the girl nodded, she turned to Octavia and hugged her. "They are fine. Trust me." Clarke said and left the room and went back to where Emerson was being held.

Everyone was there waiting for her. "Hey. What is it? Did he talk?" She asked and her mother looked at her. "No but his blood did. Jackson found genetic marker anomalies that can only come from someone who was born on the Ark." Abby explained and Clarke nodded. "It's started. The bone marrow transfusion. Cage has finally done it." She said to them out loud. "Who is Cage?" Jaha asked her and she looked at him. "He is their president's son. He is responsible for that area of work as well as the creation of the Reapers. He would be willing to do anything to get everyone of his people out of that Mountain so he must be the one doing this. He is very dangerous and completely unreasonable." Clarke explained to them.

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