Of Snogging and Being the Man

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The story's taking a turn for the dirty xD


Here We Go Again

Chapter 5: Of Snogging and Being the Man

POV: James

"Professor — "

"So here we all are," beady, dark eyes that belonged to the one and only Minerva McGonagall, former Transfiguration teacher and current Headmistress, narrowed into tiny slits as she maneuvered them all over her classroom, stabbing them at anything they met,"again."

"Professor — "

"I had soon assumed that after so much time wasted in discussions and pleads for renewal of chances throughout the years that the message would have eventually sunk in."

"Professor — "

"But as always, it seems, you have proven that in some cases there is absolutely no hope," she continued on unemotionally, only expressing her deep-rooted anger through the reflection of her half-moon spectacles.

"Professor — "

"Mister Potter." Turning that elderly glare at me, scaring the living magic out of me by her hiss that I jumped up on my seat and let out a girly squeak. Dear Merlin, if she ever does that to me again during nightfall I'll no longer be able to sleep. The old woman had the lethal and crazed stare that you'd see in a horror film about an old creepy woman. "For the hundredth time since Mister Filch brought you in, be quiet."

Pushing away my slight fear for the woman, I looked at her disapprovingly. "I just don't understand why I'm here. I was innocently walking to my lesson when that old nutter," she threw me another frown, her cheek-bones popping out dramatically beneath her paper-thin skin, "I mean, when Mister Filch began harassing me towards here. Now, I promised my mummy that I would try harder this year, so if you excuse me, I've got Potions — "

"Sit down, Mister Potter!" Slamming a palm on the surface of a nearby desk, the Headmistress was now on her last level of patience. "You are in here because you're no saint. You apparently inherited much of your father's traits, and neither of you have seemed to master the meaning of silence when a professor asks of it."

Well, bloody hell. Here I thought that the greasy, maniac, ex Potions Master hanging on a wall inside the Headmistress' office was the one that hated Dad.

"Now," McGonagall continued, composing herself as she looked around the classroom and forgot about me for a second. "All of you are to serve two hours in here, and in that time, you're all to do your homework. Which I'm sure has been waiting to be done." She had a point. Almost a month into school and I hadn't even turned in an assignment. "At the end of those two hours, I will return and you're not allowed to leave this classroom until I see some worked completed. If you fail to do so, the consequences will be severe."

I scoffed, not being able to help the rebel in me.

She turned those beady eyes back at me. "I don't mean detention with Mister Filch in the Forbidden Forest either. Especially seeing as the forest hasn't done the trick with the lot of you. I will be handling your punishment with something that will actually improve your behavior; something you all fear."

"A troll?" I asked. "Because I hear that my dad and Uncle Ron took on a troll their First Year. I wouldn't mind taking on a pack, showing them that their offspring are just as capable."

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