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A Strange Encounter

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I wrote this a couple years ago when I was 14 ish. It's just a cute little short story that I like. Hope you like it too!

A Strange Encounter

"Very well students you have worn me down, I agree to let you leave class early so as to have extra time to complete your assignment. I'll expect you back here promptly at 1:00. With that extra half hour I anticipate excellent results."

As I left the building I began thinking of people I could use for my assignment. While ambling along, I had an introspective moment and strayed from my usual route. Finding myself on a narrow road I slowed my pace and looked around at my unfamiliar surroundings. A little way off something shiny caught my eye. Upon investigation it turned out to be a gate that led to a big mansion that was also shiny. Normally I'm a pretty cautious guy and wouldn't go up to random peoples' houses but I was running low on the little time I had so I quickly strode across the bright green lawn and as I heard my first knock resound through the house it occurred to me that we should be working in pairs. Too late now, the door was already open... as if the old man had come to the door minutes before in anticipation of my arrival.

No one said anything so, as the silence began to become awkward, I managed to force out, "Hi, I'm here to-"

"I know why you're here," he cut me off with a long drawn out tone that sent weird shivers down my back, "You want to know more about the famous person who lives in this beautiful mansion! Come right in and let's get started on the interview."

Before I could protest he led me through a lavishly decorated hallway, his long robe seeming to trail endlessly behind him. We turned into an office furnished with tall oak bookcases and an immense oak desk behind which he ensconced himself in a satisfied sort of way while I tried to gather my wits. Becoming more curious about this strange character by the minute, I prepared to ask my first question.

"Please, sir, will you reveal your identity to me?"

"Am I to understand that I am being interviewed by an anonymous writer who does not give his own name first?"

"Oh! Pardon my rudeness sir! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Olly, Olly Vance and I am here from Midway High School on assignment. Will you tell me about yourself?"

"Most are divided and conquered but I run on forever and am not divisible. I am ubiquitous, filling the whole universe with the continuous stream of myself. It's like floating in eternity. There is no end; always there, never gone, I am Pi."

"Ah, Yes,...hmmm...very humble... Admittedly I am astonished to find myself in the presence of a renowned individual such as yourself, sir. How do you feel about your considerable size? I understand you are among the richest people in the universe! How did you come to attain such a high reputation?"

"What? You want to know about my size! Well, if you must know, it gets kind of lonely and depressing thinking of myself every day; about how everything else in the universe is minute in comparison to my vast mass and volume.

"Do you even have a volume? Whoa wait a second! Who are you?!"

"Must I repeat myself? Very well, as I said, I am pi. To answer to your question about volume, It depends on whether you write me down or just simply think of me. Can you imagine how much time, effort, paper, and ink it would consume to attempt to document me in my entirety? Then, again, If you think volumes about me you will realized that I can make you imagine what ever I want. I can cloud your vision of reality and make your imagination run wild and your dreams come true. Things that you never thought possible appear right in front of you.

Now I see that you are overwhelmed in my presence. If you will excuse me, I have a date with time. Do drop by again; our little chat has been most enjoyable."

Suddenly, without realizing that I had moved, I found myself standing outside in the yard. Before me was a rusty old gate and behind me.....?

Turning slowly, afraid that I was losing my mind, I looked up to rest my eyes first on the brown weed filled lawn then as my gaze drifted I saw the crumbling remains of what was apparently once a refined mansion. All was dark, dreary, and deserted. Some of what Pi had said to me that afternoon began to make sense in a crazy sort of way. It seemed unlikely to me that my teacher was ever going to believe that I had really interviewed Pi. I could hardly believe it myself!

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