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| Love Yourself First Series |

'His Sweetest Downfall'
Lalisa Manoban & Jimin Park
Lisa Hearst & Jimin Clark


Jimin Clark always wonders how he is able to be friends with Lisa Hearst. That girl is one of the prettiest girl he has ever laid his eyes on and the most popular girl in South Cambridge High.

Her hair is like the wet sand on the shore and it flows like the waves on the ocean. Her skin is porcelain white and eyes were like the color of a coconut shell with a tint of greenish grass when it hit by the sunlight. Hearst always reminds him with the beautiful beach he used to go from his childhood.

He tried not to always watch her all the time but he can't help but fail as his gaze will instinctively find her even with the things he doesn't intend to see.

Like the time he watched her fall in love with his best friend, Tyler Kim. He was also there when his best friend broke her heart. Clark might have given him a punch on the face after that.

But now? He cannot believe that he's watching her again, and this time she is falling in love with his neighbor. The unpopular yet good looking & pure hearted guy in their campus, Jonas Jeon.

"Why are you avoiding me, Hearst?"

"Bad boys like you are dangerous, Clark." — "You were all up to no good and will only hurt our hearts."

"So you mean, good boring boys don't?"

"You can still save yourself from heartbreak when it's them." — "But guys like you, Clark? Once our hearts get broken, It is hard to find redemption."

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