♡Walk Away♡

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You sat atop the bed, waiting patiently. Fiddling with your wedding ring, you looked around the hotel room and noticed how lonely it was. Despite the fancy lights, you were still so alone. The sky outside was a beautiful shade of violet, indicating that evening was approaching.

Michael was to return from rehearsals any minute now. Tears ran down your cheeks as you contemplated your decision. For three years, the two of you had been happily married - but somewhere along the line, something within you snapped. You didn't know what it was, but you did know that the feeling was horrible.

Why you? Why did it have to be this way? Why was life so cruel?

Suddenly, the hotel room door opened - making you jump slightly. Michael walked into the room, a tired look on his face. After he had shut the door, he turned to face you.

Of course, his eyes widened when he saw that your bags were packed. Tears were in your eyes as you stood up.

"How was rehearsal today?" you questioned with a sad smile.

"It was good but...why are your bags packed?" he looked at the bags, and then back at you. "(Y/N)?" he questioned again when you didn't respond.

"Michael...I..I've been thinking," you whispered. "And lately, things haven't been going so well..."

"What do you mean? I thought we were fine..." he shook his head.

"We are," you sighed. "But I'm not. I went to the clinic yesterday, and said that I have anxiety and depression," you sighed. "It's severe,"

"Oh God.." Michael whispered. "(Y/N), I'm so sorry," he blinked. "But...that doesn't mean that you have to leave. Baby, we can work this out,"

"No, Michael," you sniffled. "The truth is, I can't participate in this marriage if I'm not in the right state to do so," you sighed, taking off your wedding ring and setting it down onto the mattress. "I love you, Michael," you grabbed your bags and walked up to him. "It will always be you," you kissed him before leaving the room.

You heard Michael shout your name, but you ignored it.

You didn't know where you were going to go, but at this point - you needed to be away from Michael, or else you'd have given in.

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