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Catalog is a printed book which expresses the services and features of the provider. Market is becoming competitive day after day. To cope with this situation, you need to stay consistent with your service. Catalog represents the company's prospect and views in many ways for marketing. For this, catalog designing is a vital role in the product marketing. If it can grow attention to the customer, it will fulfill your need from catalog design.

Providing Information
The first intention to design a Catalog is to give information about the company and its services. Along with this photos and company's features and benefit should be presented also. While designing, keep in mind that it should be attractive though to catch an eye of the viewer and make them interested to buy the product which is the main goal. Position the images, text and other features in the accurate place. Clarity of the image and text is so important for reading. If you place the image in such point that it can't clear enough to see then your whole afford is gone worse.

Photo Editing
Designing is all about placing logos, images and texts on an artistic way. For this reason, you have to cut out many images for trimming. So, you will need to go through with photo editing process. Clipping Path or Silo is the process from which you can do it with the utmost perfection.

Color Combination and Pattern
Color combination and pattern should choice as wisely that it looks irresistible. Color also represent the nature of the company like if you are presenting something eco friendly product, it's wise to use green. Use your talent and creativity in this field.

Moreover, the product you are marketing should be the main focus of the catalog. Image of the product should be in larger size than others, so it can be visible at first glance. Always keep in mind that presenting several products on the same page can lose the concentration of the products. Use single product single page basis designing so that all the products can get the same attention by the viewers.

Text and others
Text size and fonts should chose according to the need. You can use the first Character Extra large then the regular size. Do not use more than three fonts in catalog. Use Italic, Bold and underline where needed but plenty of use can distract the appearance. So use them limited.

Targeted Clients
You should know who will be your customer. Target them and know there interest and choice; what they like what they don't. If it's for the ladies then present it as they like or if it's for children design to taste for the children. By doing this, you can easily go closer to them and their need. It will help to achieve the goal: Attraction and an Effective Marketing.

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