SWMA | Finding a Way Home

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"Brenda, stop. You're making a fool of yourself in front of me," Jack called out from where he stood.

I ignored him, grabbed another stone and threw it high into the sky. And when I mean high, I mean just two feet.

"I can't believe this!" I clutched my blonde hair and shook my head. This was more than insane.

"I can't be here," I continued to rant. "I mean, I have people waiting for me. Wanting to see me."

"You mean your dogs."

I swiftly turned and faced him. "Not just my dogs," I stalked towards him and jabbed a finger on his chest. "My laptop, my junior bicycle and my kids!"

He scoffed and swatted my finger away. "Don't be paranoid. You don't have any kids."

"I do too." I crossed my arms and muttered. "My bear babies."

He shook his head disbelievingly and murmured, "You're insane."

I huffed and crossed my arms. It angered and frustrated me the way he was taking the situation we were in lightly. But just then, a thought occurred to me.

"Where's your phone? Give it to me," I demanded.

"Why?" he questioned with an eyebrow arched.

"Well, smarty." I made emphasis on the last word to show him that I thought he was the exact opposite. "We could call the bus driver and convince him to come back for us." I grinned, feeling smart.

Very smart.

"Well, obviously. Who wouldn't have thought of that?" he muttered rhetorically and added. "I would've done that a long time ago but there's no signal here. No bars." Jack's words cut right through my smirk and my face fell as that seemingly brilliant chance of getting us back dissipated right before my eyes.

"But...but you're the boss!" I exclaimed miserably. "Why would the bus driver leave you behind?"

Jack shrugged, but he replied with a determined voice. "I don't know, but I'm definitely going to sue him for that. Then fire him."

I ran a hand through my hair and eyed Jack as he stood there casually, biting the insides of his cheek as if begging for some source of something to give him some sort of knowledge. And as if whatever Deity he was calling on granted him that, he quickly moved away from the tree he was leaning on and pushed me out of the way, literally and hard making my almost trip, before he knelt down on the dirt and dropped his backpack to the ground.

I immediately recovered from my staggering and glared fiercely at his back. "At least I'm showing a lot of concern. You don't seem fazed by this situation as you should be." I accused him.

Jack opened his backpack and began to shuffle through it. "I am. More than you think. But freaking out like a sick teenage girl won't get me anywhere and besides, I have an idea that might lead us somewhere."

"I'm not a sick teenage girl," I frowned.


I grumbled and shuffled my feet in annoyance. The woods were quiet except for the occasional chirping of birds here and there. I peeped into Jack's backpack, wondering what he was busy searching for.

"What are you looking for?" I couldn't help but ask as I curiously watched him search through his backpack.

"A map," he mumbled and leaned back to pull his hand out of the backpack, revealing a folded map from it. Jack pushed the backpack aside, unfolded the map and laid it down on the ground. I knelt down beside him and peered at the map, trying to figure out what brainiac invented that kind of gibberish.

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