Yandere Naga Yami/Atem x reader

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An old man was running with his baby niece for their life.The Naga's attacked their village again and only they survived it.When he came in front of an big palast he run in.The gurds were to slow.When he was in the throne room he saw a king sitting on his throne bored.But when he saw that man he was suprised.The gurds came and tried to kick him out but.“Stop!“he said.They let him go.“What's the Problem?“he ask.He knelt and lay the baby over the floor.Than he layed his head over the ground and beg“Please my Pharao.Please take care of this baby , i am old and i can't life forever , so please i am begging you  , please!I would do anything!“he said and started to cry.The Pharao crawls to the baby which was sleeping peacefully.He slowly picked it up and looked at it.It was beautiful...
The man was looking hopefully to him.“Anything?““Yes  Anything!“he said.“If she is 18 , she is going to marry me...“he said and looked honest to the man.“B-but...“he looked strict.“O-okay my Pharao...

Atems pov

And you are sure you are going to grow up our enemy and marry her!“seto said angry.“Yes,Problem?““SHE IS A HUMAN!““And?““AND THAT'S FORBIDDEN!““I am here the pharao and i rule the rules so...it's not forbidden...“i said and brang the baby to my bedroom.I placed it over my bed and stroked her soft hair...“Welcome to the Family , my little princess...“

“Gaga bubu?“you was trying to walk.“Come here , don't be scared i am here princess“he said soft and helped you.Than you saw his tail and pointed at it.“Yayayayaaaa!“you said and played with his tail.He smiled and layed down.You climbed over him and started to hit him with your hands on this breast but it didn't hurt them , he know that you want to play with hin“Gagaaaaayou said and giggled.He smiled and hugged you.“Nnnnnyou said and played with his hair.He loved you already...

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