Imperfections (McDuke) Part 1

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Before you read, this is primarily McDuke and a little bit of Chansaw later on, so enjoy!

(Apocalyptic AU!)

Macnamara POV.

They rampaged through our walls around the small suburb which contained many of the remaining survivors; we hadn't expected this to happen, not this soon. What happened was that a creepy, trenchcoated kid, who went by the name of J.D, opened an enigmatic rift to an undisclosed location and liberated an army of these mystic ghouls. They were something else; calamity raged throughout the earth like an unquarantined disease, much like the Black Death in early Europe. The very people that once roamed the earth had become these wretched abominations, that were unrecognizable and deformed.

Now, we were taken as hostages, didn't have a chance at fighting back, their strength was incredible. It was like an iron gauntlet had merged itself with my delicate wrist; the more I plead for us to go, I only got a vicious snarl, or a hushed 'shut up.' Then, I heard screams of people, who were being torn apart and eaten alive by these monsters, along with fresh crunches of bones on the dirt beneath us. This sound horrified, and oddly-enough weirdly pleased me. I shrugged it off and gave up on my pointless screams and violent thrashing. I still silently sobbed while being dragged to my impending doom.

Eventually, I was placed on this creature's back, and to be honest; I enjoyed it, despite myself being on this humanoid's posterior side. The journey was relaxing to me, like a smooth carriage ride to a mystical castle, but that wasn't the case. I relaxed my muscles and soundly went to sleep on a stranger's backside. For once, since Armageddon happened, I was finally getting some well-deserved rest, at least in my opinion.

I felt a chilling sensation down my back as I was placed down on a cold-concrete tiled floor, which I opened my eye to see only less than four dozen people in this dark and empty chamber that we now call our hell. We had over four-thousand people before that dreadful raid; our numbers diminished to a pulp. The looks of despair and distraught on people's faces were depressing to look at, we just lost almost an entire union of great and courageous soldiers. I couldn't help but cry harder; my heart was already in pieces. However, it was now in small shreds and ready to be cut down any further.

Then, a familiar voice spoke to me, "Mac! You're still alive!" That voice belonged to my best friend, Veronica Sawyer, a friend who stuck by me through the thick and thin when everything seemed impossible.

"Veronica! I'm glad that you're here! I missed you so much!" I practically smothered her with my strong bear hugs.

"Me too!" she exclaimed happily before her faced was paned in sorrow

"What's wrong, Ronnie?" I whispered to her slightly sobbing

"They're taking us out one by one to be their food, their slaves, and entertainment!" Veronica grimaced angrily, "They spin a fucking wheel to decide our family's fates; it's so awful and demonic. I can hear their twisted howls of laughter all-the-way upstairs tormenting our family, and there's no way we can stop it!"

What happened was something that we had not thought would happen to us prisoners of war, being called up by the two queens of this damned nightmare. Two guards entered the open chamber and were in apparent search for someone specific, that is until they moved their heads towards Ronnie and I. They quickly evaded through the small crowd, shambling towards us and grabbing our wrists just like before. The both of us were being dragged around like rag dolls on the bloodied floor that reeked of blood and mutilated corpses. Our strength dwindled by the time we got here, so we didn't put up much resistance against them.

The guard, who was holding me, reached into his left pocket and grabbed a suspicious-looking key and inserting it into a large door, opening it. Veronica and I were thrown rather quickly onto the ground.

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