The draconians were always visible, but never encroached on the hybrid’s area. Instead, they remained a quiet yet threatening presence, which kept everyone in line.  Lolita showed Reve where she and the others slept. Males and females were separated, in case cross breeding occurred, she informed her. "They don't want us breeding until we've done our duty" she said. Rows of beds were lined up, Lolita pointed Reve towards one. "You'll sleep there".

"What happens here?" Reve was anxious to find out as Lolita looked at her with pity.  

"I suppose knowing will be better than not," she said as she sat down next to her. She lowered her voice, "They'll come for you during the night."

"Who will?" Reve demanded.

"Rufus. You insulted him, so he's going to show you how he treats those who don't do what he wants" her eyes filled with tears. Unconsciously Reve reached out and hugged her, she stiffened at first, and then her body slowly relaxed as she gave in to the comfort Reve offered. "What will he do?"

Lolita shook her head and quietly began to sob. As Reve rubbed her back, she wondered what it was they had done to her, this proud woman. However, after seeing Rufus strike out at whomever he wanted, her body turned cold at the thought of what other things he was capable of.

Lolita stopped sobbing and took a deep breath, "They're going to beat you and if you're unlucky they'll take it further.” She said it so quietly that at first, the insinuation did not register, but the hard knot in her stomach twisted at her words. The look of dawning horror made Lolita cry again.

“They can’t!” She said in horror.

Lolita shrugged, "I made the mistake of rebuffing him. That same night he dragged me out of bed with a group of his followers and they beat the shit out of me. They took it in turns while they...they..." The intensity of her sobbing went up a notch.

"Did nobody help?"

She shook her head.

“I’m sorry Lo.” It seemed to Reve that her words were too inadequate for what she had gone through, but Lolita wiped away her tears and gave her a watery smile.

"Why have you never run from this place?" It seemed an obvious question.

Lolita looked at Reve, as a mother would a child who didn’t quite grasp the situation.

"You can't, the greys, they've built a sensor at all the exits. And they've started to use mind control over those who try to leave".

"Have you ever tried?"

"No, I saw what happened to the last person and he's the ultimate drone now, no will of his own.” She got up "It might not be much, especially in here but I want my mind to be my own.”

Reve sympathised with her, going through that kind of torture and being subjected to such atrocities, having your mind taken over would be the worst form of rape. Not being able to escape the physical torture, but still able to take relief in your mind. Reve could understand her reluctance to try to escape. But this made her wonder, if others felt this way. If that were the case, then those sensors would have to be taken out. She just needed to find them.

Reve led on the bed that had been given to her, as her mind went over the events of the day; exhaustion came to claim her as she drifted off into sleep. Reve awoke with her heart thrumming, unaware at first of what had awoken her. She turned over, and strained her ears and that is when she heard it. Heavy footsteps, slow and deliberate heading towards her. Lolita’s words began to dance in her head, as her heart rate increased the change began. Before Reve could fully transform a pair of hands clamped down over her mouth, “Welcome to the new world.” A voice whispered in her ear. Reve bucked and bounced trying to dislodge whomever it was that had hold of her but more hands clamped down on her wrists and feet.

They bound her tightly and shoved a smelling rag into her mouth before they dragged her out of the sleeping quarters. Fear fuelled the rest of her transformation, but her body could not dislodge the wired they had tied her up with. She used her draconian sense of smell, one that was much sharper than any humans were and knew she was in serious trouble.

She could sense there were five of them, and if they kept her tied up like this, she would be defenceless against their onslaught. They dumped her unceremoniously on the cold hard floor that knocked the wind from her. She tried to wriggle into a sitting position when a hand held her steady. The unexpected gesture stunned her as she looked up to see Rufus’s smirking face above her.

"Well bitch, it looks like you're in a pickle" the others laughed, as Reve smelled the excitement in them, making her stomach knot in fear. "We need to teach you a few manners" he said as he walked up and down. Reve swallowed the bile that threatened as she sat there waiting for his next move.

Rufus used his extended claw to undo her binds. “I like my females feisty” he laughed. Reve knew that he would let the others hurt her before he touched her; it would make it all that much easier for him, being the bully that he was.

One of his cohorts lunged forward grabbing her hair and yanked her head back raking his claws down her face as a mark of ownership. Blood ran freely down her face, swiping it away she pulled away from his grasp noticing the increase of excitement at the site of her blood.

One by one, they came closer, egging each other on as Rufus stood watching. A foot connected with her stomach. Sending the air out of her with a whoosh. Another punched Reve in the face, as she tried to get up but they began to rain blows on her. Each one connected and the pain began to build. As Reve felt darkness closing in, a picture of Collins came to her and was followed by another of her mother. Hurt and anger and the injustice of it gave Reve some strength, she used that to push herself up off the ground and caught the foot that was about to hit her head. Reve pulled and the person fell backwards.

They paused and she used it to her advantage, using her sharp claws she thrust it up into the groin of the nearest one. Tearing away leaving a gash that travelled from the underside of his leg severing some vital organs. It was quick and the hybrid squealed with pain as he dropped onto his knees clutching at himself as he began to bleed out. The sight of the blood warmed her and felt a rage and blood lust that Reve thought she had squashed.

Reve welcomed it and began to slash and tear at anything that came too close. Rufus seeing his comrades get beaten stepped into the fore. The others, bleeding backed away, and tended to the worst she had managed to hurt. She was sweating profusely now and her muscles were beginning to ache. Her leg was bleeding where one of them had managed to gouge it, Reve couldn't put too much weight on it and Rufus used this disadvantage to kick her. Reve felt her leg snap as he broke bone and she screamed with pain

He tore at her upper arms as she tried to defend her head and face against those wicked sharp claws. Seeing she was spent, he grabbed her arms and held her down. Disgust and excitement danced across his face as he saw the horror on her face.

What felt like an eternity to Reve, Rufus finally let her go. Standing above her, he spat at her. The others stood back and waited, hoping that their turn would soon come. As one approached, Rufus pulled him back "No! She's mine", He backed off but he looked at Rufus with an unspoken question. He turned around and the rest of his posse followed suite, leaving Reve battered and broken in every way possible.

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