Learning To Love Him 2

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I stared at the brown-eyed, dark skinned boy that had literally sent my heart into a frenzy just by stepping into the room. My stare turned to a glare within just a second.

"I'll be in the same guest room I was in last time if anyone needs me." I said grabbing my bag.

"Actually, everyone under twenty-five and above thirteen will be sleeping in the ballroom this week." Alexis smiled.

"Yeah, apparently we need to 'connect as a pack' whatever that means." Tyler rolled his eyes.

"It means, you kids have cliques and you can't successfully run a pack that is divided within itself." Joe, the Inferno Alpha, said as he walked in.

"Well, since I'm not part of Inferno, that means I don't have to -" I was saying.

"But you're mated to someone in Inferno, aren't you, Corey?" Joe smiled.

"No, I'm not." I said not glancing Jayden's way, but I could feel the knot in his throat. Did I care? Of course not. Joe raised his eyebrows.

"You're not?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm not. Or maybe I am, point me to the ballroom and I'll go find her." I said.

"Corey -" Hayley began in a hiss.

"Hayley." I gave her a look that told her not to continue that sentence. She glared at me before sighing as she crossed her arms and shook her head.

"Uh... It's straight down the hall, opposite end to the basement." Trent said.

"Thanks man," I said walking out of the room.

I raised my eyebrows a little surprised as I walked into the ballroom, there were mattresses scattered all over one half of the floor. The other half was clear.

I chuckled when I saw what looked like a thirteen-year-old girl throw glitter at another. I guess the floor wasn't all that clear.

"Corey!" I turned and smiled as Samantha jogged towards me. "Oh my Gosh! Did you grow?! I haven't seen you in forever!" She said.

"Yeah, actually I did. Can't say the same for you though." I teased.

"Jerk!" She smacked my arm before hugging me.

I chuckled hugging her.

"You still look gorgeous, I see you cut your hair." I said.

"You noticed!" She smiled twirling so I could see the cut.

"Of course I did..." I grabbed her waist and pulled her to me, "We should catch up sometime." I smiled. She blushed. She wasn't mated and as far as I was concerned, neither was I.

"Yeah? Tomorrow night?" She smiled.

"Perfect." I kissed her forehead.

Maybe I was a little bit of a player, Izabella and Hayley were oblivious to that side of me though, I mean, they knew I was with a lot of girls, I just never introduced any of them to them. Why would I? Izzy and Hay were like sisters to me and these girls changed constantly, it would be pointless introducing them (besides, those two would probably make me look weird, I loved them all the same though).

"What kind of kiss is that?" I raised my eyebrows when her hands cupped my cheeks pulling my face down and she kissed me. I chuckled pulling her against me as I kissed her back.

"Better?" I smiled as we broke apart.

She nodded a little dazed. I glanced at the door and frowned seeing Jayden and the others. Izabella and Hayley were glaring at me. I rolled my eyes.

"See you later." I smiled at Samantha before I let her go and walked over to the side of the room where the mattresses were against the stage before I dropped my bags on one.

I sat down on the edge of the stage and took time to process how large the Inferno mansion actually was as I ran my eyes over the massive ballroom. How did they build this place?! Who built it? And could they be sent over to Galaxy because my house could seriously use some of this.

"Corey!" I looked up and frowned at whoever took me out of my trance but a smile crossed my face as my eyes landed on Jason. Up until a few months ago Sean and I barely spoke (even though Alphas and Betas were supposed to be close, of course we were now (kind of) since Izabella was mated to him) but Jason and I had been making trouble all through high school together.

"'Sup man?" I greeted as he jumped onto the stage beside me.

"What's up with you running away from us? And who's the hot girl?" He nudged his head in the direction Samantha was.

I chuckled. "Back off, she's my girl." Samantha blushed my way when she heard me say that, "And I'm not running from anyone." I said.

"You're running from who?" I rolled my eyes when Tyler and the others (others being Eric, Sean, Matt, Andrew and Trent) joined us, though Sean looked a little sad. I chuckled.

"Izzy tell you to 'get away' from her again?" I asked smirking at Sean.

Up until they found they were mates, they absolutely hated each other... Well, almost absolutely - it wasn't absolute on Sean's side, though it probably was on Izzy's - and even though now they got along fine, Izabella would always be Izabella and it creeps her out when someone never leaves her alone (Sean was beyond whipped, it even creeped me out sometimes), plus she hasn't let him mark her completely yet so I'm guessing she isn't particularly very comfortable with him... Yet.

"Shut up." Sean snapped at me as he fell back onto my mattress before he smirked, "Izzy told me to nag you until you tell us who your mate is, she says you've found your mate." He said.

"Is she going to give you doggy treats for obeying her orders?" I frowned.

"No, she's going to give me so much more." He smirked. I looked at him confused before I cringed.

"Oh God no, don't talk to me about that sh*t and mention Izzy," he laughed at my reaction.

"Wait, she's going to let you mark her?" Jason asked. I snorted and Sean glared at me. Not on his life.

"No, she -" Sean was interrupted by a massive bang from above us.

I looked up and gasped seeing what looked like a huge black hole above us.

My thought's were summed into a simple sentence Matt managed to utter;

"What the F*ck?"


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