Chapter Five: The Night Comes Down

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Hello. I am Nimja, and this is a story of houses, books, swords, and wordplay.



Yes. Wordplay. But I'm betting you won't get it the first time you listen to this recording. Don't worry, you'll understand it much later. Besides, the wordplay is not the main focus of this story. Rather, the main focus of this story involves a topic that you may remember I covered in a previous live event. Back when I was still human.

That topic?

Facing your fears.

It takes a lot of courage to face your fears. But I'm sure you already know that, don't you? You've likely faced a ton of fears in your lifetime. Still, this is a story about facing your fears.

And it began where all such stories do.

In Amsterdam.

At my house.

That day, OGiNiM, HyDrO, Slang and myself were discussing the events of the day of my transformation. Or rather, OGiNiM, HyDrO and myself were telling the story to Slang. The shy Dunsparce had recently been asking a lot of questions as to how I turned into a Pokémon, and OGiNiM and HyDrO were delighted to tell him the entire story. Currently, they had gotten up to the part when we had all visited the Rijksmuseum and seen the portal, and they were just about to tell more when Slang suddenly asked:

"Vhat exactly isssssssss it like, going ssssssssrough a portal?"

OGiNiM blinked.

"What's it like?"


OGiNiM paused. Then giggled.

"Why, it is only the most amazing experience in the world!" he exclaimed happily. "It felt like I was flying! No- it felt like I was in space! I was so happy to see Mijnheer floating next to me!" Then, looking over at HyDrO, he added, "And I'm pretty sure she'll admit it, too."

HyDrO simply scoffed.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever," she said. Then paused and turned to Slang. "Weren't you in the portal when we traveled back to Amsterdam?"

"I nefer got to truly feel vat it vassssssss like..."

"True," I said. "The entire time we were in the portal he was shaking uncontrollably in my tail and looking away. He wasn't fully relaxed, so he felt nothing."

"Oh." HyDrO turned. "Well, if you really want my opinion... nothing special. It just felt like I was in trance."

"So you enjoyed it, then," I said, smiling.

"Are you serious?" HyDrO retorted. "Trances are just usual, everyday fare for me. It's not like I have a fetish for them or something."

"But you do~!" OGiNiM sang.

HyDrO sighed. "Please stop."

Slang giggled. He'd been doing it a bit more often since I'd saved him from HyPN0se, and I found it quite cute. Now why didn't he do it more, I wondered...

"Vell, it cccccccertainly sssssssseemsssssssss like you had a great time," he said. "I vissssssssh zat I could do zat portal-hopping sssssssing again, zough. Jusssssssssst to get ze full experienccccccce..."

Actually, now that he mentioned it... the opportunity of going through a portal again did sound fun. I paused.

"Another round of portal-hopping?" I asked.

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