Chapter Three

            I walk into the house and can hear arguing. “Hello?” I call through our large home.

            “Sage!” two voices scream and I hear the sound of feet hitting the floor and then I see my blonde hair nephews round the corner coming straight at me. The twins plow into my legs.

            I look down at William’s sons Barren and Alex. They are identical twins and they are adorable. I love them and miss them a lot. “Hi, Barren, hi Alex,” I say as I scot down and hug them.

            “We missed you Aunty Sage!” they say in unison.

            “I missed you guys too!” I say with a smile and kiss their cheeks.

            “Boys where… Ohmygosh! Sage!” Nina says as she enters the foyer. Her long brown hair is straight and she looks beautiful as always. She quickly walks over to me as I stand up and wraps me into a warm embrace.

            Nina and I were always good friends and her and Will were high school sweet hearts so when they turned 21 they decided to get married and then they had Barren and Alex.

            “Nina! How are you?” I ask as I return her hug.

            “Good as I can be with two six year old boys,” she says with a laugh as she pulls away.

            “Where’s my parents?” I ask Nina as Alex and Barren run into another room.

            “In the living room come on,” she says waving her hand for me to follow as we walk into the living room. “Look what I found!” Nina says happily.

            “Hey, guys!” I say as I enter the room behind Nina.

            “Oh My! Sage!” my mom screams as she jumps up from the couch causing her blonde hair to bounce and she hugs me tightly.

            “Hey mommy,” I say as she hugs me so tightly it’s hard to breath. I guess this is what I get for not coming around a lot.

            “Honey you’re smothering her,” a strong voice says and I see my dad standing there behind her with his black hair and brown beard. He pulls me into a nice hug. “Hey, darling,” he says as he kisses my forehead.

            “Hey,” I say as we pull away and I see my grandma sitting in her own chair. I walk over and wrap my arms around her neck. “Hey Grandma May!” I say as I give her a kiss on the cheek.

            “Hey Grace Ann,” she says as she kisses my cheek.

            “Here sit my dear!” my mom says as I join her on the couch and then my dad sits on the gray recliner as Nina sits on a couch across from him.

            My mom begins to tell me about what’s been happening then I hear a door crash open and in walks Will lugging my bags behind him leaving them at the end of the stairs. Then he walks into the living room and sits beside Nina.

            “Sage do you honestly need all those bags?” Will asks putting his arm and Nina’s shoulder.

            “Yes, yes I do. I have to always look fabulous!” I say sticking my tongue out at him. He chuckles rolling his eyes.

            “I think the fame has gone to your head,” he jokes giving me a smile.

            “Shut up, you’re jealous,” I joke back rolling my eyes and smirking at him.

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