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Stevie's POV

"Harry it's me, Stevie,"I say weakly. "We met at Honeymoon Inn, we've been running together for months now. We joy rode a motorcycle together, we've listened to Now or Never about a hundred times with Kyla singing in the back seat," I spout off just as more tears stream down my face just as I thought I had no more to cry.

"Running? From what? I have a wife and baby, I don't have anything to run from. If anything I need to get to work, my boss isn't going to be pleased that I am running late," Harry says trying to pull at the wires and tubes hooked to him.

"Oh my god," I breathe looking up to try and stop all the tears that flood my eyes. This was for the best. It was better he didn't remember me anyway, it would cause less pain to him. If he didn't know what he lost then there's no pain. "Harry stop, you had a stroke. The doctors wouldn't want you pulling at all those,"

"Stroke? I mean I guess it makes sense, I am a bit of a stress case after all," He stops tugging at the IVs and glances over at me as I stand up and walk towards the door. "It was nice meeting you!" Harry calls to me as I twist the knob on the door.

A lump swells in my throat and I clench my jaw to stop the escape of weeping sounds. I sniffle and give him a sad smile, "You too,"

Sadness soaked me as I walk out of the hospital room just to be met with Layla once again. I tilt my chin up and see Layla's smirk painted across her face, rubbing it in my face that she had won the entire war. It was over and the losers were ridden hard and put away wet.

"Why the sad face Stevie? Got too caught up playing pretend?" Layla asks me pouting her lips to mock me.

"You got everything you wanted! I'm already down stop kicking! God! I hope you know there is a special place in hell for people like you," I spit in anger and sadness, they swirl and combined causing for a different kind of heartache. I had never known this kind of hurt before, I was empty and hollow.

"People like me? People, who try desperately to keep their family together because that's all they have? People like me who pray every night hoping that they haven't lost everything that was ever good in their life because they screwed up? You know what, maybe you are right but I am not going to stop fighting for the things I want!" Layla yells with tears welling up in her eyes. For a second a more human side appeared from under the pretentious villain she portrayed herself to be.

"If you loved him you would let him go, if you don't all you are doing is hurting him," I say walking away from her. I hyperventilate with each step I take, I make it down the hallway and turn left. As soon as I am out of sight from Layla I breathe faster and faster and slid down the wall with my face in my hands.

We were just strangers now.

He was just one of my distant memories and to him, I wasn't a memory at all.

My sky was falling all around me and I was buried under the debris, left to suffocate in my loneliness.

It's going to be hard to forget and thinking about those memories fading away crushed my soul inside and out.

Maybe he was never mine, to begin with. Even though I wanted him to be mine maybe he was always her and like she said before we were just playing pretend. Either way, I looked at it all hurt, it all hurt the exact same.

Our love story was one filled with passion and action but in the end, it was grim. I had started to believe that fairytales were real but after the intense heartbreak and the unfairness the world have hit us with it was just another testament that they weren't.

My father was right, there were no princes that came in to sweep you up off your feet. I was no princess waiting for her perfect price to come and save her from the hold of a wasteland town and overprotective father. All my fairytale was, was heartache after heartache. There was no light at the end of the tunnel for me, no silver lining because there was no such thing as fairytale endings.

I couldn't stand that I still loved him. I love him, I love him, I love him.

The lights flash in my red eyes and microphones are pushed in my face making the suffocating feel even more suffocating then before. Questions and words attack me and are overwhelming as I try to make my way out of the media crowd to my taxi.

"Were you Harry's mistress the entire time?"

"How could you let him assault your father? What does that say about you?"

"Did you know he was a criminal the entire time?"

"Did he hold you hostage?"

I could feel tears boil in my eyes with the way they talked so lowly of the man I was consumed with. I couldn't handle them talking about him like this. He wasn't what they painted him out to be. He wasn't the villain, she was.

I slam the taxi door shut and look out to see all the flashing cameras and vultures circling me asking me questions and preying on my emotions and feelings. I never needed him like I did right now.

"Where to?" The taxi driver asks me.

"LAX, please," I say before he speeds off like a bat out of hell.

I guess it was time to go back home since that's the only place I had left to go. Back to the desert wasteland that would always and forever keep me captive under the dusty sands and deathly hot sun that burned at my skin cells.

Back to the princess tower, I called home. Only this time I knew there was no prince out there coming to save me.

N. Don't worry there is an epilogue after this and it will be posted tomorrow! It's so weird to think I've finally finished this story and like I said before, you might wanna pull out some portable tissues because you may need them😂 see you guys tomorrow!

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