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*time skip to a few days later because we've got enough of that day*

It was Minho's birthday.

Jisung was a nervous wreck.

He wanted everything to go well. He needed everything to go perfectly.

As he walked to school, he mentally checked if everything was set.

As he arrived, he immediately spotted Minho and ran to him.

"Happy birthday Minho!" he exclaimed as he hugged the older tight.

"Thank you Jisungie" Minho ruffled his hair as they broke apart from the hug.

"You're coming with me after school"

"Oh? Hm that sounds interesting, count me in"

"I was already counting you in, you have no choice"

"Attention everyone, be careful, wild Jisung is out toda-"

"Shut up" Jisung said as he covered the older's mouth, both laughing afterwards.

"C'mon, let's go to class, I hope the end of the day comes quickly" Minho happily said.

"Me too"

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