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It was the end of the day and the boys had spent their date walking around and just enjoying being with each other.

"Hm Minho? Can you come here?"

"What is it, angel?"

"Uhm... Can we like- uhm- watch a movie or something? I don't know, it was just a suggestion, we don't have to if you don't want to-"

"I want to! Get ready for bed and I'll go check what Hyunjin has here"

"Okay, thank you..." he whispered as Minho went to look for the movies.

"Hyunjin's a really sappy person, he only has romantic comedies here, are you fine with that?"

"Yeah. Oh and Minho..."


"I don't have anything to wear for bed..."

"I know, I was waiting to see if you'd sleep just in your boxers" Minho said with a smirk as he waited for the other to call him a creep. Much to his surprise, Jisung only blushed. He was finally breaking his love shell.

"I wouldn't do that... Do you have anything you can lend me..?"

"Of course I do Sungie, I wouldn't let you sleep half-naked in these chilly nights, I don't want my future boyfriend to get sick" he said as he gave the younger some of the clothes he had brought.

"Why are you like this..." Jisung said to himself.

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