Broken Pieces of Heart (Poem)

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Broken Pieces of Heart (Poem)

Can't find the exact words to explain her pain

But if you look into her bleeding eyes you'll realize that she...

Is hurting.

The man she once adored turned his back

Like it didn't matter whether he made her suffer or not.

Made her suffer to the point of depression

No...not depression, that's not even close to the pain she feels.

Can't find the exact words to describe how she aches

While others close their eyes, forcing her to find closure in this pain she gains...


As time passes she looses pieces of herself

While digging deeper and deeper into her skin trying to find hints of who she use to be...a girl

Who's smile would light* up the a room.

A girl who's speech would draw the attention of ten blind men.

A girl who didn't need her looks to grab a man.

THE man....the man who she later found out was not who he led her to believe.

The man that would cover her face with his hands and force her away from him

Leaving her feeling like nothing...but useless and foolish.

Foolish for thinking she had the perfect life until one day...she found a way out

A way to escape from this prison of insanity and roam free among the trees...of silence.

Wearing nothing but a peaceful smile on her face and white sun dress

That had long sleeves to cover up the cuts on her wrist that she made...

From broken pieces of her heart...

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