Chapter 5

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I opened my eyes and sat up right away when I remembered that I got attacked by a shadow. I faced the obnoxious boy, called Alec. I sighed in relieve as I realized that I was safe and alright. I didn't' die.

"Where am I?" I asked him and he didn't answer me. How rude...

"I asked you something." I said annoyed and he looked at me. I didn't really expected a lot from him anyway because look at his personality...

"I know that." Alec said and I sighed. If I wanted information he wouldn't give it to me. He was such a brat...

"You owe me an explanation." I said and he glared at me. He stood up and walked towards me and I looked at him as he came closer.

"I do not owe you anything." He said harshly. I stood up and wanted to walk away but I realized that I wasn't wearing my own clothes anymore. Instead of that, I was wearing a blouse.

"What the hell is this?" I asked angrily and pointed at the blouse. Alec shrugged.

"That's mine. You needed to change." He said. Why the hell is this so normal for him?

"Excuse me?" I scoffed. Did he knew what privacy meant?

"You was covered in blood. I can't let you make this institute dirty." He said. I swear I wanted to slap him but I held every nerve inside me back and made myself calm down. I needed to get away from here.

"Please, can you show me the exit? I want to go." I said and he laughed. I was not sure why because it didn't seem funny to me.

"I can't let you go." He said and I groaned. What the hell was his problem?

"Listen, I want to go." I repeated my words and he shook his head. I started to get frustrated. Where the hell was I?

I closed my eyes and opened it again, in order to calm myself down. This was already the second time. This boy was really getting on my nerves.

"Please." I begged him and he laughed again. It amused him to see me like this. I was begging him to let me go and he was laughing at me, in my face.

I walked towards him and held his arm very tight.

I heard something burning and Alec screamed in pain and pushed me away. My back hit the wall and I looked shocked at Alec. I burned him.. What the hell? How did I do that?

He looked at his arm and then at me. His arm was red and I saw him clenching his jaw. Oh hell, he was angry.

"What the hell!" He screamed at me and walked towards me. I let out a scream, afraid that he was going to hurt me but he stopped and just looked at me.

"What is happening?!" I screamed back frustrated and confused. I felt the tears burning in my eyes, not because I was sad but too confused and frustrated to figure out what was going on.

I saw Jace running inside and he looked at us.

"What happened?" He asked shocked and walked towards us. Alec showed him his arm.

"She did this to me." He said. They both looked at me in confusion, not so sure themselves what was going on. I could tell that they were not used to see someone burn someone else. Was I in trouble?

"I just want to go home..." I whispered and Jace let his hand rest on my shoulder. I flinched and moved away. He looked at Alec and then over to me. He sighed.

"What is your name?" Jace asked. I looked at the both of them and I sighed. Maybe if I answered their questions they would let me go.

"Clary Fray." I said.

"Okay, Clary this is going to sound insane but you need to believe us." Jace said.

"Sit down." Alec commanded me and I looked at him. He can't just command me to do anything but I was in no position to have an argument with Alec now so I sat down on the chair and waited for them to talk or explain to me what was going on.

"All the legends are true. Vampires exist and so do werewolves. The shadows you saw, are the most dangerous kind of demons." Jace said. I shook my head and looked at my hands.

I couldn't believe this. They were just joking around. The shadows, you saw them too reminded my subconscious me and I sighed.

"Shadows?" I asked and Jace nodded.

"They are real... They are in my nightmares." I said and looked afraid at Jace and Alec. Alec's facial expression changed from being annoyed to being interested in the conversation we were having.

"What do you mean?" Alec asked me. Why did you care?

"The shadows. I saw them in my nightmares." I repeated my words.

"Clary, you are like us. A shadowhunter... Why were you growing up a mundane? Who are your parents?" Jace asked me and my heart skipped a beat when he asked me about my parents. I wished I had known myself...

"What is a shadowhunter?" I asked ignoring his question about my parents.

"A shadowhunter is someone who fights bad and protects the good." Jace said and I nodded.

I looked at Alec and then at his arm. It was swollen and red. He needed to put some kind of cream on his arm, in order to reduce the burning he was feeling. I felt guilty for hurting him. I didn't even knew I was capable of doing this...

"I am sorry." I apologised and Alec looked at me.

"I am used to it." He said and gave me a small smile but quickly recovered and changed it again to his neutral angry face. It was almost like he didn't wanted me to think that he was starting to get friendly or liked me. I guessed it was impossible for us to be even friends.

"Jace!" I heard someone shouting. I saw Izzy running inside and looking at us but mainly at Jace.

"What is it, Izzy?" Jace asked and walked towards her. She looked over at my direction and then to Jace. What happened? Why is she so excited and happy?

"She is Clarissa Fairchild." Izzy said. I frowned at her. I didn't understand what the meaning of this was?

I was given this name by my parents but I never wanted to use it because it reminded me of something I never had. That's why I started to call myself Clary Fray.

"That's impossible." Alec said in shock and stood up. Izzy shook her head and looked at Jace and smiled.

Jace turned around to face me and he had tears in his eyes. Why was he crying all of the sudden?

"She is your sister." Izzy said and I gasped in shock. Wait... what?


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