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Before I let you hop into the chapter I just want to ask who your favorite character is so far? Is it Eleanor? Moose? Lucy? I personally like Max, tbh.

Hope you have an awesome day! Love you, Joy.


   MOOSE isn't much of a sleeper. He tends to stay up at night, thinking and dreaming about what if's and should of been's. He is rarely even able to go to sleep with such thoughts, but when he does, he's usually woken up by a quiet noise, or his brother.

His brother, who actually decides to go by Max, is an eighteen year old boy that has a very annoying personality. Him and Moose are completely different people, yet share many qualities. For instance, they both have brown hair and aren't very short. They also have sparkling caramel colored eyes and perfect teeth.

"Hey," Max whispers, shaking Moose's shoulder. "Hey, get up," he repeats. Opening his eyes, Moose tries not to make any movement, pretending as though he is still asleep. "Dude, I really need your help," he whines.

Pulling the covers from his face, Moose narrows his sleepy eyes at his brother. "I just fell asleep," he states, putting a hand up to his forehead.

"Me too, but I had to wake up because I forgot that I needed your help. Technically, we are both up because of you," Max retorts.

Staring at his brother for a few seconds, Moose rolls his eyes, and covers his face back up with the blanket.

Max let's out a gasp. "Moose I asked for your help!" He says, shaking his brother's arm, again.

Kicking off the blankets, Moose quickly sits up and harshly responds, "Okay, fine, I'll help you." Standing up with crossed arms, Moose marches towards his bedroom door. "Where's your problem?" He asks, turning the knob.

"In my room," Max replies, trailing right behind him. They walk across the hall and into the older brother's room. "Don't mind the mess, just look at the bed," Max says, grabbing something from the ground.

Moose looks around, but sees nothing. "All I see are crumpled bed sheets, a can, and a bra," he nods his head and glances over at Max. "That's your problem?" He asks, letting his lip quirk upwards into a smirk. Nodding his head, Max quietly responds with a, "Yeah." Moose raises an eyebrow. "Who is it?" He questions.

"Okay," Max quickly turns the light on, "don't, like, freak out and try to go tell Michelle because I will kick your ass if you do," he tells him as he pushes his bathroom door open. A girl is standing in the shower, her long, strawberry blonde hair sticking to her back.

Widening his eyes, Moose gives Max a look. "You slept with Carson?" He inquires.

"Actually, I've been sleeping with Carson," He corrects.

"If Michelle finds out-"

"Don't worry, she won't," he gives Moose a look, "I've been keeping it on the down low, except for tonight and-" Max gets interupted by his brother.

"I really don't need to know this," he states, grimacing. "What do you want me to do about it?" He asks, raising an eyebrow.

Trailing over to the bed, Max replies, "I know this might be asking for too much, but I need you to take her home."

"Why can't you?" Moose questions, stuffing his cold hands into his plaid pajama bottoms.

"Because," he pulls his desks drawer open, "Michelle loves you, and if she notices that you're gone she won't think much of it. You feelin' me yet?" He says.

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