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WHEN Eleanor bumps into a Moose she doesn't take much from it. But when it starts to become a reoccurring situation, she realizes that letting people in isn't as bad as it seems, and maybe he would let her in, too.

To all the awkward people out there who can never get a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Author's Note

   This is a rewrite of a story I did back in 2014. I didn't like it very much, mainly because it just sounded childish and not worthy of even being a story. I know a lot of old readers are pretty pissed that I removed the first version, and I apologize, but it was just so bad. However, I like this one better, and I think that's all that should matter.
   I am from the United States, and this story is set in Canada (it's not actually set anywhere, but Canada is the closest to a place cold all year so). I will definitely get things wrong, so do not be rude to me about it. Whatever it is that I got wrong, I probably already know.
   This plot will probably also lead to no where, so I'm sorry for wasting your time. It's just supposed to be a practice writing, exercise thing so that I can get out of writers block, or something.
    Also, no, Moose is NOT from Supernatural. This is NOT a fanfic. Sorry for disappointing you, and as much as I love Supernatural, I hate the question: "Is this about Sam from Supernatural?" No, it's not.
    Thank you for anyone who actually enjoys reading this story! I appreciate all your love and support!



Teen Fiction

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