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Sword against sword.
The vibration of metal went from Jisungs fingertips to his lungs, which were heaving from exhaustion.

He had been training for a long time now, witnessing the sun rising and slowly disappearing without thinking much about anything else.
It was not like he didn't have any kind of responsibilities, he just didn't care for them at that moment. His eyes were too focused on the movements of his opponent and his mind already trying to come up with a defensive tactic against their next. Trying to find weaknesses and using them to his advantage, whilst also trying his best to show no weakness himself.
It was not easy, not at all, but after years of training he finally got it: he was able to put up this wall around him, an aura of intimidating calmness, and learned to control his body and mind at the same time.
Feared by his opponent, he also learned that not everyone wanted to see the hard work and practice behind each of his movements and that as a prince, you could be discredited solely because of your status.

Jisung felt his hectic breath, having a hard time keeping it in control. The older knight in front of him had already lost that control and had an even harder time standing still. The fight had been going on for some time now, others gathering to watch their prince fight on the training field with worried eyes. It was obvious that Jisung had control over the situation, but somehow he never took his opportunity to make the final strike.
He wanted to test his limits.


"Jisung!", an angered voice echoed through the halls. He knew immediately who it was, as almost everyone else would call him by his title. So he took his steps forward. He saw no escaping from the situation he had already been through too many times: "How long will it take for you to understand me?"
His father was angry, dark eyes staring at him under a sparkling crown. Normally he would wear his own too but he didn't want to damage it or let it bother him during fights.
"I'm sorry, father", he spoke calmly, lowering his head in respect. There was no use arguing, he already made his point clear many times before, but was never understood.
A chuckle left his fathers mouth, "No, I will say it again and again." Jisung looked his father in his eyes again, the anger having disappeared a bit.  "You are a prince", in his head Jisung spoke with his father as he had heard the same words many times already," and it is your duty to lead our army with a strong mind. You fighting with it doesn't do anything if you end up dying. How would that be beneficial for anyone?"
He just nodded, his eyes roaming the throne room uninterested. „As I said father, I am sorry. I'm only trying my best to prepare to be a good king by having multiple specialties." Same response as always. "What I actually wanted to tell you is that I sent a letter to Fores offering to find solutions to end this horrible war."
Oh. That, Jisung thought, he hadn't heard of before.
He didn't know what to think nor to say, his mind going blank for a moment. "By next week, they should've sent a response as I think it is in both our interest to stop the sacrifices." The mighty man stopped talking to look at his sons' reaction for a second, finding nothing but emotionless eyes staring back at him.
"If it were to succeed, I want you to come with me to the meeting." At those words Jisung finally broke out of his little shell, processing his fathers' words. So he nodded: "It would be an honor, father." A bow followed and as he took his first steps in his chambers direction, desperately trying to escape the situation, his father didn't follow him. Two other pairs of feet did: it was his personal guards, Dong Si Cheng and Jung Jae Hyun, doing their job.

As he closed the door behind him and heard his guards getting in position in front of it, he finally let go of the invisible wall holding up his emotions.

Eyes widened out of terror and shock, his hands shaking a bit. He knew all too well that war meant sacrifices, his mother being one of them. She was one of the reasons as to why he trained so hard: he wanted to fight in it and minimize the sacrifices on their side as best as he could by letting his rage out on the other side. He was ready to die if it meant having avenged his dear mother.

He was craving to take revenge on a kingdom his father now wanted to make peace with.

His bed was of little comfort as he felt the sadness creeping back in. All of it, it came back.

Was everything he trained for for nothing? Why didn't his father feel the same anger towards them as he did?

But through all of his anger and sadness, his shaking hands and tear-stained cheeks, a little part of him knew it was for the better.
Not letting out your anger, but choosing to use your energy by doing what's best for the people around you, your kingdom.
But then there was this part of him that was screaming for revenge, being so so angry at everything and everyone. Especially his father.
And unfortunately, that part of him was big enough to take control of him.

His pillow was soaked with tears and for the rest of the day, the guards standing outside of his chamber heard nothing but the sound of a sword swinging around before the prince chose to rest for the day. He didn't want to eat if it meant looking his father in the eyes.
Instead, he spent the rest of the evening and night thinking about his situation and what he could do against the horrible event taking place. The image of his mother with blood-soaked clothes and wide-open eyes, staring dead into his soul, never left his mind.

He felt betrayed.

so, yeah.. I hate how boring this chapter is, but thanks for enduring it 💟~
also: if you find any mistakes I made please tell me and I'll be happy to correct them! am still trying to be good at english and writing this story really helps.

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