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                  “What the fuck!” I yell my iPhone still to my ear trying to comprehend what just happened,  I hear gasps come from behind me I quickly turn to find Sam and Alanna standing in the door way. I mentally kick myself as I bend down to Lanna’s height, “I’m so sorry I used that bad word, sweetie. Please never ever repeat it…” I smile while in my head, I’m saying much worse to myself, way to fuck up being a father.

                    “But daddy said it, I wanna be like daddy!” She smiles her teeth blue from I assume some kind of candy,

                    “No, no be better than daddy. Daddy will never say it again he just got overwhelmed and angry he didn’t mean it.” I nod to her hoping she understands, a devilish grin emerges with a twinkle in her eye.

                        “What word, daddy? Was it ‘what’?”

                     “Don’t, Lanna.” I say plainly not in the mood for her to do this, I still haven’t had my daily dose of Jazmine yet and I’ve started to notice the side effects are really bad.

                       “Was it ‘the’?” she smiles innocently swaying back and forth ever so slightly,

                    “Alanna Orton, if you use the word you are going into time out.” I narrow my eyes at her, she returns the look then giggles.

                    “Oh you mean…” she trails off I give her a stern look daring her to use the word, I can tell she is trying to see if I’m bluffing or not. “Fuck!” She screams it out and giggles I quickly stand up.

                  “Sam, take her before I flip out I’m not in the mood today.” I say through clenched teeth rubbing my temples.

                “Oh so you cause a problem and I have to fix it?” she groans as she scoops up Alanna and walks into the other room. I need to quickly get ahold of Jazmine or I’m going to lose my mind, I think as I pick my phone back up and dial her number again hoping that prick from earlier is gone.

                  “Hello?” I hear followed by a few sniffles,

                  “Jaz are you okay?” I quickly ask concern filling my heart,

                  “Yeah…I just…” she sniffles more, I could tell she was wiping her tears.

                  “Where are you I’m coming over right now,” I say grabbing my keys heading for the door,

                 “I’m at my college in the courtyard…”

               “I’ll be there in ten minutes, love.” I try to smile but knowing she was crying I just couldn’t do it, my heart was aching in pain needing to make her laugh and smile so bad.

                 I sprint toward the courtyard ignoring the people who were shocked that a WWE wrestler was at their school for no apparent reason. When I spot Jazmine sitting on the grass surrounded by thick school books I slow down, I’m not sure if it was the mumbles or just the special connection we have but she looks up and her green eyes filled with even more tears when they look into mine. “Jazzy…” I whisper in a low voice as my heart gets stuck in my throat, I hold back tears as I sit beside her on the ground and wrap my arm over her shoulder pulling her into my chest. “What happened?” I whisper into her hair before kissing the top of her head,

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