Temporary HIATUS, again.

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Yeah, I'm putting this book on a temporary HIATUS once more.

It is not because school is almost near, nope. It's because I've lost my inspiration to write Khr chapters. I'm out of that, I call, 'phase'.

Yes, I'm out of my Khr 'phase'. I have so many phase.

I think you're confused, let me explain:

'Phases' is something I call my period of obsession to something particular.

I wrote Betrayal and Assassination and Love is Timeless when I was obsessed with Khr or A.C.

During the summer, I changed my obsession from Khr to Miraculous Ladybug, I was so into the MLB that I created a book in Wattpad, but I don't have the intention to release it yet.

Then, I jumped from MLB 'phase' to Gamers 'phase' where I watched Markiplier or Jacksepticeye play games.

I watched Jacksepticeye the most since (he's so cute and that giggle, oh my gah) he's a very funny guy like Mark.

From Jacksepticeye, I found my new obsession watching him play Detroit: Become Human. Guys, I want a Sumo.

Sooo yeah, that's it. I can't really write chapters when I'm obsessed with other things, it's like I'm not putting my heart into it.

Plus, BTS is distracting me too. Being an ARMY isn't a 'phase' to me. It's called a lifestyle. Kekeke~

Hope you guys understand my reasoning :D.

Don't worry! It's not long before I go back to my 'Khr' phase. Until then,


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