7) Team Minato is a Go!

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"You have done commendably well on your testing scores. Do you think you're ready to handle the responsibilities it takes to becoming a Gennin, and growing forth, as a future shinobi of the Hidden Leaf?" Dad asked me. I nodded.

"Yes sir." I said sticking to the formalities.

"Do you vow to put your life on the line, to go forward only with a mission, no matter the stakes?" My father asked me. I smiled.

"Yes sir." I said, standing tall.

"Do you vow to do whatever is necessary to successfully fulfill the duties of a mission given to you?" He asked and I nodded.

"Yes sir." I said trying not to jump with joy.

"Do you accept the consequences of abandoning a mission assigned to you, no matter the reason?" He said. I nodded, feeling slightly sad, remembering the White Fang.

"Y-yes sir." I said, my voice hinted sadness.

"And lastly, do you vow to always maintain the Will of Fire, and keep the village safe, no matter the price?" He asked. I nodded.

"Yes sir!" I said excitedly, as I slightly shook in anticipation. He picked up a leaf village headband protector, and walked over to me.

"Congratulations (Y/N) Sarutobi, I officially appoint you as Gennin of the Hidden Leaf Village." He said, handing me my very own headband. I smiled wide, as I put the protector around my forehead, before I pulled my dad into a tight hug. He tensed up for a few seconds, then returned the hug.
"Congratulations my daughter, you and Asuma both, have made me a very proud father in the last few years." He said, before I let him go.

"I know Asu got to be Gennin before me, but I know that I'll only make you more proud, you better believe it!" I said, before I headed out of the room, showing off my new headband to my best friends.

"CONGRATS (Y/N)!!" Rin said pulling me into a hug. I hugged her back as I smiled.

"That's two down, Obito." I said looking up at her head band before turning to Obito.
"Now you have to get it!" I said pointing at him.
"Or else, I'm gonna have to start surpassing Kakashi on my own." I said winking at him.

"No way! I'm gonna get this!!" He said, and I nodded.
"Yes you will Obito!!" I cheered on.

"Yeah, you can do it Obito!!" Rin cheered and he blushed. I couldn't help but feel jealous.

"Obito Uchiha!" Inu Sensei called out. Rin and I both looked at Obito with faithful eyes.

"You can do it." I said, while ruffling his hair. He let out a chuckle, fixing the mess of hair I created on his head.

"Go and get that headband Obito!" Rin said, as we sent him warm smiles.

"I won't let you guys down! I promise." He said as he walked into the room to take his test.

I sure hope he does good...

Ten minutes later, Rin and I both jumped, as the door slammed open, and Obito ran out of it. He passed the both of us, and ran out of the Academy without a second glance, making Rin and I give a sympathetic look at each other.

"You go find him, and I'll go asked Inu Sensei what happened." Rin said and I nodded, chasing after my black haired bestie.

"Okay." I said with a nod, before running out the door, seeing Obito near the swing set, with his head hung low. I saw him rubbing his eye's with his sleeves, making me frown.

"Obito!!!" I yelled out, trying to catch up to him.

"Just leave me alone (Y/N)!!" He yelled back, before he took off into the woods. I stood there in shock, before I began to follow him.

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