Chapter 17; I Trusted You. . .

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Chyna; so, what's the plan? When are we going to do this? Because we have school in two days and I am NOT trying to show up unprepared.

Ebony; would you relax for once? Lol I guess we can expose them on Monday... I mean, why wait? Lol

Chyna; I like the way you think. However, your attitude needs to be more like mine. Lol

Ebony; No, there needs to at least be one sane person between the two of us. Lol

Chyna; At least I know I'm crazy though. Lol. Can't wait for Monday girl.

Ebony; Me either.

It was getting late, so they decided to wrap up their messaging and just head to bed. They had already talked about what they wanted to do. They couldn't wait to see the look on Olivia's face. . .

~Monday, Back To School~

       Olivia and Triniti arrived at the school and made their way inside. Ever since Michael kissed Olivia she had been avoiding him as best as she could. Michael had already been at the school. That at least made Olivia more at ease knowing he didn't run away again. As soon as they got inside they made their way to their lockers. They passed Michael's class but Olivia looked down. She couldn't even look into his eyes right now. . .

~Ebony and Chyna~

       The girls shared an evil smile as they busted through the office door. "Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown!" They called out for their principal. "We have something to show you!" They said in unison. "Girls if this has anything to do with Olivia Garcia, I don't want to hear it." He dismissed them. "No, Mr. Brown. You want to see this. Trust us." They persuaded him. He gave them a look of interest. The girls faked an innocent smile. Then Chyna handed Mr. Brown the love letters that Michael wrote to Olivia. He quickly skimmed through them. "Leave this here with me. You may go. Get to class." Mr. Brown said, his voice now full of disgust and anger. The girls turned around and began leaving the office. They heard Mr. Brown's voice fading as they left. "Michael? I need you in my office. Now." He said on the phone. . .

~Second Period; English Class. Olivia~

       Olivia felt awkward as she walked into Michael's class. She had her head down until the moment she reached her seat. Unfortunately she was still sitting next to Ebony. She tried to ignore her as best as possible but that didn't stop Ebony from flashing her dirty looks every now and then. Olivia chose not to react though. The second bell rang which meant class had started. "Goodmorning, students. I'm Mr. Green." A voice began. Olivia finally looked up in confusion. "I know it is last minute, but I will be your substitute for the day. Please settle in and pay attention." He continued. Olivia was puzzled. She thought she saw Michael this morning, but this made her question if she actually did or not. She didn't know whether her mind was playing tricks on her or not but she knew she had to find out the truth. . .

~Olivia's House; After School~

       Olivia walked through the front door to her house. She saw Michael on the couch in his pajamas. She made eye contact with him and quickly looked away. She started for the stairs but it was too late. "Olivia, I need to talk to you." He sternly said. Why does he sound mad? She immediately thought the worst. She cleared her throat. "Uh, y- yes?" She muttered. "Stop avoiding me, come sit down." He calmly demanded. Without question, Olivia obliged. "Did I do something?" She immediately asked. "You gave the letters to someone. Why?" He asked. Uh-oh. . . She thought. The knot in her stomach was back. She felt nauseas. "No... Bryson asked for the truth. So I told him. He is the only person I showed them to so he must have took them when I wasn't looking." She truthfully responded. She was scared of what Michael was going to say next. More importantly she was pissed that Bryson even talked to Michael. Or so she thought he did. "Why was he asking about me?" He asked. "I was worried about you... you left and said nothing. I didn't even find the note you wrote me until a week after you left. He is my boyfriend, he noticed my standoffish behavior. I was pushing him away all because I just wanted you!" She said in anger. "You wanted me?" He paused, "Wait- boyfriend?" Michael questioned. In that moment she realized something. When Michael left, Olivia and Bryson were only talking. He had no clue that they had already been dating. "Oh yeah, I forgot you were already gone by that point." She replied. Michael grew jealous. "You've only known him for a week Liv, what the hell." He said. "He was there for me when you weren't. You left Michael." She reminded him. "So what if I would have stayed?" He asked. "I'm not answering that." She replied. "Come on, Liv. I'm curious. I want to know if what you can tell me is worth losing my job over." He said. "Losing your job? You got fired, Michael?" She questioned. "Thanks to your little boyfriend, yeah." He replied. They sat in silence for a brief moment. "I was so mad at you. I thought maybe you gave it to someone in spite of me leaving. Turns out, Bryson gave it to Ebony and Chyna. Obviously you had no clue." He said. "No, I didn't. If you'll excuse me. I need a moment alone." Olivia angrily replied. She grabbed her book bag and went upstairs to her room. Michael watched as she left the room.
       Olivia got into her room and closed her door. As angry as she was she was still careful not to slam it out of respect. She threw her bag to the side of the room and pulled her phone out. She paused for a moment. "Okay Liv, calm down. You have two options; cuss him out or invite him over and then cuss him out. Think think think!" She whispered to herself. She hated being this angry. She knew she reacted without thinking. She needed to calm down. Slowly, she counted to 10. When she felt calm enough she made a decision. Invite him over. She pulled out her phone again and began dialing his number. "You better pick up, too." She said to her phone about Bryson.

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