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"Do any of them look familiar?" Noctis asked just above a whisper.

"I'm afraid not," Ignis replied.

"We just gonna stand here and wait for 'em to leave?" Gladio glances between the prince and his advisor.

An idea struck Sapphira and she tried to hop off Noctis' back. In response, the boy's hold on her thighs tightened. She pouted and tugged on a strand of his raven locks. "Noct, put me down. I've an idea."

"If I like the idea, I'll put you down. If I don't, you're staying right here," he retorts.

"I'm not saying a word until you put me down!" She hisses in a hushed voice.

Noctis groans at her snappy behavior and sets her down on the step behind him. She nearly lost her footing due to her exhaustion still present. The prince grabbed her hands and steadied her. She thanks him and spills her idea. "I'll transform and draw the men away from the Regalia. When they're out of sight, run for the car and head back to Lestallum."

"If you transform, you're gonna scare the locals, too," Gladio said.

"I'm going for something more cute and small, not huge and menacing."

"Uh, small?" Prompto questioned.

"Just stay out of sight until you see a chance to run to the car."

In the blink of an eye, Sapphira transformed. When the light dissipated, a small white dragon sat on the step where the girl once stood.

(A/n: Imagine the eyes are blue, not red

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(A/n: Imagine the eyes are blue, not red.)

The four boys glanced down at the small creature in complete awe. Prompto kneeled down and examined the dragon with a huge grin. "You. Are. So. Adorable!"

Sapphira flapped her wings and took to the sky as Prompto seized the chance to snap a few photos. Gladio crosses his arms with a grin. "She's just full of surprises."

"You can say that again," Noctis sighed.

The four watched as the small dragon flew over to the men. They hadn't noticed her until she landed on top of their cars and growled at them, bearing her shape teeth. "A dragon?!" One man shouted.

"It's gotta be the daughter of the Draconian! Grab 'er!" Another man shouted.

All ten men unsheathed their blades and surrounded the vehicle Sapphira was perched on. She stood on her hind legs and roared at them, the supposedly threatening sound making her more adorable than anything else. One man with a dagger climbed up the hood and on top of the car, but the dragon inhaled and exhaled, a strong flame erupting from her throat. The man screamed as he fell off the car and onto another man.

From their hiding spot, the boys watched in amusement as Sapphira taunted the men in her small form. For a group of ten men, they were having much difficulty capturing a small dragon. From the steps, Noctis saw the smirk on Sapphira's face as she used her tail like a whip and forced a man to drop his gun.

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