• Birthday On Tour (Part 1) •

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{Bad era }

Michael is away on the second run of his BAD tour and, unfortunately, you haven't been able to attend the show taking place on his 30th birthday in Leeds, England. Or at least that's what he thought...

August 28th, 1988

"I'm so sorry my love that I can't be there with you tomorrow" you spoke into the phone held against your ear as you lay comfortably on the couch, mindlessly playing with the ends of your hair.

"You have nothing to be sorry for Y/N, although of course I'd love to see you" Michael's sweet voice filled your ear from over the line, making you smile, "besides, I sorta lost track of the days and almost forgot that I turn 30 tomorrow" he continued with a hint of laughter and your smile widened even more.

A few moments of comfortable silence passed before you spoke again, "I can't wait to see you again Michael, it feels so strange when we're apart". "I know my darling, I miss you so much. Sometimes I feel like I can't even function without you with me" Michael responded with a small sigh. You felt a pang of guilt at putting him through this, despite the secret you had been desperately holding in.

You were, in fact, in England as well. With it being your 'hometown', you had decided to come and visit your parents in the south before flying up to Leeds the following day to surprise Michael during his show. You had been planning this meticulously for over a month and all of his crew were on board. Despite how excited you were to see the look on Michael's face, you felt so guilty keeping it a secret from him, not to mention deliberately making him think you couldn't come. You just knew, however, that it would all make the surprise so much more special the following day.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of yours and Michael's 3 year old daughter, Imelda, running into the room excitedly looking adorable in her pyjamas with her damp hair already curling into her usual ringlets, as your mother had just bathed her. "Mummy!" she squealed and you beamed, sitting up and motioning for her to sit in your lap as you put the phone on speaker.

"Is that my little princess?" Michael's voice filled the room and you could practically hear him smiling, if that's even possible. "I miss you Daddy!" she said into the phone making you smile lovingly as you watched her expression light up upon hearing Michael's voice, "I miss you more my angel, are you and Mummy having a nice time?" he asked softly and you could just tell that it pained him to not be with you during these precious years.

"I do have one question for you, though, Imelda darling..." Michael said in a hushed tone, "What is it Daddy?" Imelda whispered, playing along with his game. "Are you looking after your little brother for me?" he asked and was immediately met by enthusiastic replies from Imelda, "I look after him lots! We play together all the time and share our toys like you told us and play make believe games all day long!" she rambled adorably, making you and Michael laugh, "Well we'll play lots more of those games when I'm home, okay?" Michael replied.

"Speaking of your little brother..." you whispered into Imelda's ear and she whipped her head around to the door, beaming at your two year old, "Darryl, guess who I'm talking to!" Imelda said excitedly, Darryl looking at her with a confused expression as your mother held his hand. "Mummy?" he said, cocking his head to the side with sleepy eyes like a puppy. You held the phone up for him to see and he instantly caught on, despite being so young, "DADDY!" he screamed and ran as fast as his little legs could carry him, clambering up onto the couch.

"Ah, its the man of the house!" Michael said and chuckled and you stroked Darryl's short curls before remarking, "You've missed daddy a lot haven't you?", to which he nodded and climbed on your stomach, making you shift a little uncomfortably. "I hope you've been looking after your mummy for me!" Michael said in a tone that made Darryl feel important beyond belief and he nodded vigorously, making you giggle. "And daddy! Daddy, I look after mummy and Imelda looks after me!" he said proudly, pointing to himself. 

"That's my boy! Daddy misses you very much, all three of you, but it won't be long now until we'll all be back together, having fun and going on adventures" Michael said sweetly and the look on your children's faces just made you melt inside. You then subtly indicated to your mother for a moment to take the children into another room. She knew about your plan and understood that you didn't want the children to spill any information that would give away the fact that you were in the UK instead of the Neverland Mansion. 

"Imelda, Darryl, I think there's some dessert in the kitchen for you..." you said once they had finished their little conversation with their father and they squealed excitedly before bidding Michael goodbye, "We love you, daddy!" they said in unison and he chuckled, "I love you too" he affirmed before they ran off and you put the phone back to your ear.

"They're so excited to see you" you said softly into the phone and heard Michael let out a little sigh, "What did I do to deserve such loving children and such a beautiful and perfect wife?" he said genuinely and you felt yourself blush. "We certainly were blessed with them, and I was blessed with you" you replied, the both of you smiling at your words.

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, I'm the only one who is blessed" Michael remarked and you shook your head, laughing a little at his usual charm. "You know we could argue about this for hours, and I have no doubt that you're exhausted" you giggled into the phone, which Michael reciprocated. "To be continued, then" he joked and you both laughed once more.

In the background you could discern Frank's voice addressing Michael about something or other and you heard him sigh heavily, "I'll be right there". You heard the phone muffle for a moment, which you presumed was Michael moving the phone back to his ear, "I'm so sorry, my love, but Frank needs me and-" "Michael it's completely fine, go. I'll speak to you at the same time tomorrow" you said calmly and smiled.

"I'll look forward to hearing your voice again, m'lady" he said flirtatiously and you both laughed. "In all seriousness though," he began once you had both calmed down, "I love you so much, and send Imelda and Darryl my love again" he spoke softly, making you smile. "I love you too, and so do the children. Go and get some rest my love, and we'll see you soon" you responded before Michael sent his love and said goodbye once more before being forced to hang up.

"Sooner than you think..." you thought to yourself as you put the phone down and smiled.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed this imagine in honour of Michael's birthday- stay tuned for part 2! :-)

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