Katherine's World (Part 2 - Chapter 8)

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I'm not the biggest fan of my mother.

This is why when Enzo dropped me off at my house and I saw the kitchen light was on I tried my best to take the smallest steps possible through the passageway and eventually to my room. The kind of steps my Raven mini-skirt was built for. With every step I took I become more aware of just how loud the noise  from the kitchen was. Clearly, my mom had put the radio on full blast. The neighbors would complain tomorrow, but of course she wouldn't care, or rather she wouldn't remember it by the time she had finished investing herself in a million other things and people that weren't me.

I was nearly there. The door handle of my room was mere metres away just a dozen more steps or so and I'd be home free. I was already mini-celebrating in my head when I began to feel something that was neither mini nor a celebration start in my head and spread down to my nose and just when my hand was on the door knob.

"Achoo!" I went. My bend bending down from the force of my sneeze. At this point the cluttering in the kitchen stop.

"Katherine?" My mother's high sparrow like voice sang.

"Crap" I said under my breath. "Yes mom?" I said liltingly. Trying with all my might to make my voice sound some bit enthusiastic to see the woman who shared a home with me but who had still managed to miss my presence for the past 72 hours.

Suddenly my mom appeared in the hallway, red curls, pale skin, big smile. Like an older beauty queen version of me who had gone off the rails or had redefined the rails completely.

"Katherine" my mom said smiling. "Oh you look lovely" she said taking in my black ensemble and pausing "You didn't think of wearing that purple dress I bought you?"

My mom didn't even know where I had gone. What occasion it was or what the dress code was. But despite that, as she had through out my whole life, my mom was still convinced I could have done it better.

"It wasn't that kind of night mom" I said using as few words as possible. Wishing I didn't have to go through this. Wishing I could just flop down on my bed and cover my ears or even better wishing that I had a mom I could sit down and talk to about the craziness that had just unfolded. A mom who wouldn't judge me for what I had or hadn't done wrong.

"it's just that you're so beautiful I wish you emphasized it more" she said, justifying her earlier statement while barely listening to mine.

"I know mom" I said, my eyes eyeing the oasis that was my bedroom door.

"Well I've been making some goodies for the church fete" she said excitedly, already jumping to the next topic. So that explained the large cluttering around in the kitchen. My mom didn't cook, or bake, at least not for us. My birthday cakes came ordered form the nearest bakery but when it came to church events, or club events, or friend events, she was known to whip up three tier masterpieces worthy of even Gordon Ramsey's eye ."Come in have one"

What met me in the kitchen was an array of purple masterpieces. Lavender cream on fluffy cupcakes met with large mini-violets.

"Wow mom" I said, eyeing the cupcakes and gently taking one and grabbing a pink napkin, afraid to do even the slightest of damage to it, it looked that beautiful.

My mom was a creative genuis. She was good at everything that called for an eye and imagination, as such our garden was immaculate and so was the decor in our living room . Her wardrobe looked like it belonged to an ageing celebrity. She didn't work so she spent large amounts of time making us look good to everyone else, not so much time making us feel good though.

I turned down the volume on the talk radio. A women with a hoarse voice was complaining fiercely about the amount of skin that was now commonplace on daytime TV. "Well" I said trying to politely navigate my exit from the kitchen, cupcake in hand "I'm sure these will sell out in no time" I said slowly walking towards the door "Goodni-"

"Katherine!" my mom squealed energetically "Why don't you come and help me set up the stall tomorrow! Oh, everyone's been asking about you. Don't you went to see your friends frome grade school?"

My friends, as my mom calls them, were Ms. Henderson the Sunday school teacher's twin boys and they had tortured me systematically for years throughout grade school. The last thing I wanted to do was fake being gracious at them and have to accept their congratulations on my tv show with a smile.

"No thanks mom" I said slowly "I'm pretty tired from tonight" I said weighed down with emotional exhaustion. The radio began to bleep and a women accounced the 2 a.m news "I should really be going to sleep now" taking a bite of the purple monster and wandering off, hoping against hope, that this time she wouldn't stop me and make me witness to the wonderful life she was creating that excluded me.

I spread out on my bed finally sighing, kicking my shoes off in the process, I pulled my clutch towards me ready to switch off my phone and not be disturbed by any of Sandira's Cosmopolitan articles. Just then it beeped.

Jake's name appeared across the screen next to two words.

"Come Outside".

Authors Note: Thank you for keeping reading! Should Katherine go outside? Or should she send Jake back home? Comment Below, Love RossLynn.

Authors Note: Thank you for keeping reading! Should Katherine go outside? Or should she send Jake back home? Comment Below, Love RossLynn

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