I'm allergic to vampires! Literally... Chp 19

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Chapter 19

I groan, sitting up and holding my head. "Ugh, what hit me?" I glance up, seeing Galen at my side, crumpled over on the bed, sleeping.  

"Galen? Wake up..." I say softly and nudge his arm.  

"Wha...oh Sky! Your awake!" He says and beams.  

"What happened?" I asked. He looked sadly down at the plain white sheets and I come to realize I'm in a hospital. Fuzzy images replay and I slowly remember the events before my blackout.  

"I hurt you...that's what happened." Galen whispered. "I-I...I didn't mean to....I was angry and I walked in the room and saw him on top of you...when I wrenched him off, his fangs tore up your neck and I smacked you away from me when I had him pinned. Sky I'm so sorry..." He apologized and started to cry on my chest.  

"Galen...." I whispered. He didn't look up, only clutch at the sheets. "Galen, stop." I said. "It's alright your still getting used to your new body, it wasn't your fault." 

"But Sky, it was my entire fault, I'm not safe to be around, it'll be good for you that I'm leaving." 

"No...no it won't." I said, teary eyed. "You don't understand..." He glanced at me, confused. "I know I've done wrong, that I played with your feelings and I'm sorry for that...but I believe I can change for you because you deserve it." I said. 

"What do you mean?" He asked. 

"Truthfully I don't know what I mean, just come back safe okay?"

Jace's POV

I'm searching...searching for her...and while my heart belongs to her, my mind belongs to the council. I wish I could break free but I would need to taint my blood and the only way to do that is....I shuddered at the thought at first but it needed to be done. My thoughts were always being monitored and if I were to pursue her and fight against the council I would need to go to the darkest of places in the country. There I would find in the first site were war between vampires and humans broke out. The darkness only hide me for a certain amount of time and then my scent would be noticed. Now here, was the place where the mass turning began. And that comes with a price, every vampire in the area was to turn every human in the city into a vampire, and every human is different. Blood type to be precise and there is a certain blood type that turns them immediate vampire but...instead of craving human or animal blood its vampire blood. That is why I'm here. To give someone a drink and that is how you taint a vampire's blood, therefore breaking the council's control over me. Mine is royal blood and once I do this my family will disown me but will all be worth it. For her.

"You....there...mister what are you doing here? Don't you know this place is dangerous?" A young boy comes out of the brush. His eyes were purple, heavily outlined with grey circles. Dirt was smudged on his face, his chocolate brown hair unkempt and greasy, his clothes torn. I spotted blood present as a stain on the royal blue t-shirt. 

"That's why I'm here." I said. "If someone needs blood I have it."  

"So you are here to feed the hungry? Why?" 

"I need to or I will lose someone I love." 

"I lost my momma, I can't find her anywhere."  

"What's your name?" I asked, crouching down a bit as not to intimidate him by my height. 

"It's Conan."  

"Well Conan I'll help you find her then." 

"She...has been missing for years...." He said, quietly. "She told me she'd be back but she didn't return..." 

"I'm sorry Conan...its possible she's..." I couldn't finish because if I did I knew I would break his heart.  

"She's what?" He asked. I glanced down at the frozen ground, words escaping me. I quickly thought of a new topic.  

"Are you a solstice vampire?" I asked.  

"I am." He whispered. "What's your name mister? I smelled food nearby and I was looking but I ran into you, do you have food?"  

"I do but it's not what you think."  

"What do you mean?" 

"Here I'll show you." I ran my thumbnail over my wrist and watched it bleed. Conan looked at me horrified.  

"Why would you do something like that to yourself?" He asked. 

"Do you know what a solstice vampire is?" I asked and he shook his head.  

"What am I?" He asked. 

"It is a vampire that drinks vampire blood and that's why I smell so good." I explained. "Here drink this."  

"I've never drank vampire blood before everyone drinks animal blood in the village." 

"Village?" I asked, curiously. 

"Yeah, where we all live."  

"Oh I didn't know they had a community."  

"Well there is quite a lot of us but the problem is we don't have any money to repair our city..."  

"I'm sorry that my people caused this, I'll see what I can do." 

"What are you mister?" 

"I'm the prince of the royal family and I will send money over to help you and your people but first, drink this, when you do, you will turn into a vampire like me. This can help your village ok?" He nodded but looked scared.  

He took my wrist and ran his tongue over it, experimentally tasting it. His eyes glowed bright and his fangs took hold, making me jump. Is this really how it feels when I drink from Sky? He kept going and I was getting weaker. I quickly stopped him.  

"That should be enough." I said as he licked his lips.  

"That was incredible, it was like melted chocolate." 

"Well I'm glad I could help, I'll return as fast as I can." His eyes faded to a natural blue. "You are now a vampire like me." I said. "You go help the others, you can save them." I turned to leave but a tug on my sleeve stopped me abruptly. He looks at me with the saddest eyes.  

"Please...come back." He whispered. 

"I will, that's a promise." I said and started running. For the first time, my mind felt clear and unclouded.  

"I'm coming Skyler."


I left the hospital after Galen signed me out. I had a fractured rib and a concussion, making my head pound. I was very tired and dizzy, luckily Galen carried me back to the house, more like ran. "Galen...can we go practice?" 

"Sky that's not such a good idea." 

"Don't even stop me, I want to spend as much time with you as possible." 

"Y-you do?" He asked, confused.  

"Galen...I've given up..." I whispered.  

"On what?" He asked, again. 

"I've given up on Jace..." My heart ached to say those words. I knew I didn't want to and I knew he would be upset but if he couldn't protect me because he wouldn't fight back against the council, the one thing I was trying to avoid. There was no sense in being near him. Galen was the only I could turn to and I would need to learn to protect myself.  

"What are you saying?" 

"I want to be with you." I murmured softly. He set me down on the ground and I realized we were in the glade where we practiced fighting.  

"Where do you want to start?"

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