Mikolay & Julia: Adventures In The Attic

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Mikolay and Julia live in the same neighbourhood and attend school together on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Every other weekend, they attend a special Magical Weekend School for children with magical abilities. Julia really likes school. She is one of the top students. But Mikolay, unlike Julia, wouldn't mind at all if there weren't as many Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! He doesn't mind the weekend school because he is allowed to do lots of magic, which he likes and is very good at.

When Mikolay and Julia are not at school, they usually go exploring and adventuring. Mikolay's and Julia's mummies are both witches and are in charge of fixing things.

Mikolay and Julia don't quite know what the job involves but it must be hard because both mummies don't spend much time at home, which gives Mikolay and Julia plenty of opportunities to explore.

Mikolay & Julia In The Attic.

"Mikolay can we go now?" asked Julia "You know that the attic is not my favourite place at all!"

"I'm trying to find a wand for you," said Mikolay while going through yet another old box.

"Really? My own wand?" cried Julia clapping her hands with delight.

Mikolay had explored the big attic many times before, and he knew that his mummy misplaced boxes all the time. He was moving between some big boxes when suddenly, he saw a startling shadow on the wall.

"Did you see that?" gasped Mikolay, pointing directly towards the wall.

"See what?" asked Julia, a bit concerned.

"A long shadow on the wall!" cried Mikolay.

"Ah, I, um, don't, uh, really want a wand, um, that much. Can we go home now?" "Please?" begged Julia as she moved nervously toward the door.

But Mikolay grabbed her hand and whispered: "Let's just see where the shadow is going and after that, we can go right home." Mikolay and Julia carefully moved closer and closer to the wall.

Suddenly, the shadow disappeared through the wall! Mikolay, without overthinking, went after the shadow, then his body disappeared also!

"Uh oh and I promised mummy I'd be good this week," Julia whispered to herself while following Mikolay through the wall. Poof! Julia appeared right next to Mikolay and instantly knew that she did not like this place one little bit.

"Mikolay!" she cried. "Look at those cages. They are just everywhere!"

"Can you see the shadow anywhere?" Mikolay asked.

"Maybe the shadow disappeared again. Can we please go back home now? I don't like it here, and I'm scared!" said Julia.

"Julia look between the cages!" said Mikolay while pointing at the shady shadow. "I think it is trying to show us something." Mikolay and Julia looked ahead, both afraid and curious.

They slowly looked inside the cage. The shadow was standing by a tiny cage, pointing its long, thin finger towards the floor. When Mikolay and Julia started walking near the cage, whoosh! The Shadow disappeared.

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