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Another round of Taehyung's screams bounced across the walls.

"Have mercy on me! Please, not another round!"

"Taehyung, stop moving!" Miss Park hissed out, wrapping up another strip and tossing it in the bin. "It'll hurts more if you keep flopping about like a fish out of water."

"I can't fucking help it!" He screamed out, struggling to get out of his seat. Unfortunately, strong arms pinned him to the chair, his own being looped around and locked under his friend's.

"Jin, let go of me or I swear I'll rip your fucking hair out!"

His friend cackled out, leaning close to his ear as he wrenched Taehyung's hands in his own. "I would have done the same to you, but it seems Miss Park is already fulfilling my wish."

Taehyung was about to roar a death threat when another blindingly hot wax spread on the bottom of his leg, stinging like a thousand angry bees.

The strip got smacked down, rubbed thoroughly. Miss Park let out a warning.

"Hold tight!"


Poor man let out another heart shattering screech, his entire body jumping as his his leg jerked upward, nearly smacking the poor girl in the face.

Jin barely held onto him, pulling his friend's arm back to smack him down on the chair. "It wasn't even that bad, Tae," he drawled.

Taehyung, tears threatening to spill from his eyes, let out a string of curses which had Miss Park looking at him incredulously. "I feel sick."

"Just a few strips more, then it'll be over," she promised, ripping off another strip to abuse him with.

He hated this. Every single bit of it.

Never did he know that being a woman consisted of so many changes.

He knew, obviously, the way to a woman's body. How their curves, their features, were so different to a man's. A woman's body is a piece of art, and he'd spent a good time ravishing beautiful artworks in his mere age of twenty and half years.

But never did he know how much a woman had to do to maintain their beauty. How much rules they had to obey to fit into the society of women with taste.

So Taehyung never expected that Miss Park would bring out these transparent strips, whipping out a tin of wax.

"Where did you even get that from?" He had asked, but she only went into the office kitchens, heating the wax up until it glowed a dull orange, no doubt boiling hot.

Walking back to her desk, she put the tin upon it, cutting the strips in equal rectangles.

Nervousness had gripped Taehyung like a leash, wrapping around his slender figure. "Uh, Miss Park, what're you going to do with that—"

The poor man didn't even get a chance to finish his sentence before the girl told him to flash his legs.

"What the fuck—"

"Taehyung, sweetie, that travel band is not going to accept you if you're gonna have hair like a caveman. Now strip."

Jin had to suppress his ridiculous laughter as Taehyung, with flushed cheeks, began to shed his trousers, his bottom half now only covered with these skimpy white boxers.

And here he was now, being borderline molested by a woman hell bent of skinning him alive, while his best friend laughed like a demonic windshield as he held him back.

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