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A/N half moon is really beautiful

//Panisha's POV//

I felt insecure due to the yelling and fighting going on between everyone couldn't take it anymore.

I thought it would be better if I just had some fresh air, they probably don't want me interfering in something like this.

I silently ran outside the basketball court trying to be as discreet as possible so no  one would notice; I don't want anyone to worry about me.

I don't want to cause trouble.

The sky was already a deep purple colour; and the atmosphere was quiet and empty since everyone has already left.

I looked over to the bridge connecting the sports arena to the dormitories.
I saw a tall figure carrying a girl in his arms; wow he really is fast.

I stood still until I heard a rustle in the bushes causing my skin to go pale.
I'm petrified.

"Finally we meet again~"

A sugar-coated voice called out to me emerging from the bushes but I was sure this sugar was just salt in disguise.

"W-who are you-"

"Hey you've been ignoring me for so long~ it's like you're pretending nothing happened between us."

A bronze skinned boy with silky black hair covering his forehead spoke to me.

"Vinaj?" I whisper-yelled before he smiled at me which I also could tell was fake.

I tried to run away but he held tightly onto my wrist pulling me into his chest before I could possibly do anything.

"Let go of me!"

I pushed him off of me with little strength while he just...let go?

Wait. He listened to me?

"Hey I know how much Chad is head over heels for you and Xiumin will take any chance he gets as wel-"

"But why?! Why me!!" I cried begging for answers; this may be the only chance I get to ask...

Vinaj sighed deeply before running his hands through his hair thinking about how to answer me.

He opened his mouth but then closed it again...was he re thinking his answer?

He was holding onto my wrist, we were surprisingly close to each other and since I was so curious to know what he had to say; I didn't even realise.

"I c-can't tell you...but I....we are supposed to be-"

He kneeled in close to my face before opening his mouth-

"Don't touch her."

I flinched the dark voice making me jump but Vinaj wasn't at all taken aback he just stood causally with his hands crossed.

I couldn't recognise the voice at first until I looked at the owner.


He didn't even look at me; instead he gently shoved me with his shoulder trying to free my wrist from Vinaj's tight grip.

"Let go of her." Jungkook sternly asked which made me scared, I didn't like how he was acting..he's not acting like himself.

"And who are you?" Vinaj asked with a rude expression on his face.

"The guy that beats the shit out of you if you don't let go of her wrist right this second."

Jungkook stated casually still with sternness in his tone.

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