Him again

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The next day, Clarke woke up in Lexa's arms. They had quite of a productive night and the only thing she could do was pull herself up a little and admire the girl who captured her heart. "You like to watch me sleep, don't you?" Lexa said without opening her eyes and Clarke smiled caressing her face. "I can't believe how lucky I am to have you." Clarke said and Lexa opened her eyes and looked at her. "Well, the feeling is mutual." She said and Clarke smiled. "I mean it. I never thought it was possible to love someone the way I love you." She said sincerely.

"Me neither, my love. After Costia died, I never thought I would feel anything for anyone much less feel something as big as what I feel for you. It's even bigger than what the word love can grasp." Lexa said sincerely and Clarke smiled before kissing her girlfriend. They stayed like that for quite some time before Clarke pulled back. "Babe, I need to go back to Arkadia." Clarke said and Lexa sighed, Clarke kissed her. "I know. I know. I wish I could stay here with you but I can't, remember? Today is the day we find Emerson." Clarke said and Lexa looked at her.

"Will you promise to be careful?" Lexa asked and Clarke smiled. "I will as long as you promise you will too." She said to her and Lexa nodded. "I promise." She said and Clarke kissed her again before pulling one of the covers with her and walking to where her clothes were. Luckily, they were clean and dry and she started putting them back on as Lexa watched from the bed. "You're beautiful." Lexa said smiling lovingly and Clarke finished putting her bra and looked back at her. "You're more." She said and Lexa shook her head. "I guess we will agree to disagree." Lexa said and Clarke smiled as she put on her shirt and grabbed her jacket.

She went back to the bed and sat down on the bed facing Lexa. "Baby, you know what will happen tomorrow. We need to stop it. I know we had to do it last time but this time, we need to do something. I can't let this place be blown up again." Clarke said and Lexa sighed before she threw the covers off of her and walked to her clothes as Clarke turned to her. "Neither can I. The last time, we did it because we had to make a last minute decision but this time, we hold the cards. But we need to do it in a way that won't compromise, Bellamy. He is still the key to this whole thing." Lexa said as she put on her pants and bra and Clarke nodded.

"So what do we do?" Clarke asked and Lexa looked at her. "We could kill the one of the ground and evacuate the people and give them false coordinates since they don't know where the village is, that way no one would die. We tell them that it worked. Without getting outside, they won't have a way to know that it didn't and that can guarantee that Bellamy will be able to disable the acid fog and the rest is up to him." Lexa said as she put on her shirt, coat and armor. "Do you think it could work?" Clarke asked hopefully and Lexa nodded her head.

"It has to." Lexa said and Clarke nodded. "Okay, I will take Murphy with me and tomorrow, I will send him back here with Kane. You can take them both with you through the way where we slipped off and you guys find the watcher and get Kane to speak, he sounds convincing and I will deal with Emerson." She said standing up and Lexa nodded. "We will save them this time, Clarke. I promise." She said and they hugged. Clarke sighed. "I hope we do, Lex. I hope we do." She said and they stayed like that together a few minutes more before Clarke pulled back to look at her girlfriend. Lexa looked back at her and frowned.

"What is it, my love? What is going on in the beautiful mind of yours? Can I know?" Lexa said caressing her face and kissing her cheek. "Lexa, there is something I need to talk to you about." Clarke said and Lexa pulled back noticing the seriousness on the blonde's voice. "Tell me." Lexa urged her and Clarke took a deep breath and started. "I want to talk about Mount Weather and the deal." Clarke said and Lexa tensed. "I thought this would come up at some point." Lexa said and pulled away from the hug sighing.

"Will you take the deal again if it comes down to it?" Clarke asked her and Lexa looked back at her and leaned against the small table there was. "I know you hated me for it, Clarke and it started the mistrust between our people but I hope you can understand why I did. When Emerson came to me, he had all the prisoners inside the Mountain at gun point. One word from me and they would be murdered at the spot. I know that my retreat forced you to kill more than 300 people but that deal helped me save 242 of my people." Lexa explained.

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