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Alexander was sleeping on couch. Sleeping soundly, beer on his other hand while TV was on, showing unimportant news.

He was wearing black normal tshirts, jeans and socks. And had his hair tied up.

"Babe, im home." George Washington said as he shuffled jacket.

"Alexander?" George said as he came in living room only finding him asleep.

He smiled to him as he walked to him, crepting down and taking of his tie from work.

Alexander looked precius.

George carefully removed beer from his hand, which was half full, putting it on coffee table, knowing that Alex will have horrible hungover tommorow.

He take Alex with him in bridal style.

He went to their bedroom, gently putting Alexander down.

"Georgie?" Alex said softly, awake a bit.

George just hummed.

"Sleep, love." George said as he kissed Alexander forehead who just mewled.

"But your dinner..." Alexander said soothingly.

"Its okie, hunnie. Just get some sleep. I will make myself sandwhich." George smiled as he tucked Alex in blanket, who just hummed and turning away to sleep.

George turned off light and shut door.

He went in kitchen, looking for something to make himself a sandwhich.

George saw some burritos their friend Laurens, made for them.

He took burrito and sank teeth in it, shutting fridge door behind him.

He poured himself water after he ate burrito, drinked it.

He then went to take a shower.

When he came back in his bedroom, Alexander was sitting on their bed, smilling when George came.

"I thiught you were asleep." He said softly, making his way in bed.

Alexander smiled.

"Couldn't sleep without ya." He smiled.

"Oh really?" George's eyebrows furrowed up, jokingly.

"But you fell asleep without me. By a beer." He smiled taking Alex to his chest.

Alexander rufled under him, enjoyin warmth of George chest.

"Well beer was strong." Alexander sighed off happily.

George smiled as he shut light of lamp, caressing finger through Alex silky hair.

"George?" Alexander asked suddenly.

"Yes, my love?" George said smilling at him.

"I love you." He snugled again, kissing his chest and nibling his collar bone.

"I love you too Alex." He said enjoying Alexanders small bites and hickeys he made.

Alexander, no matter how small he is or short, tried to reach for George.

George smirked a bit as he nibled Alexanders lips, kissing him deeply.

Alexander moaned through kiss, enjoying every moment.

George caressed his hand on his cheek, deepining his kiss, separting his legs by his knee to make some place.

Alexander smirked in kiss.

"Eager boy~" he said as he pulled away.

"Oh shut up~" George said teasingly, nipping Alexander's ear as Alex moaned and shuddered.


Both of them are getting harder.

George kissed his earlobe, inside his ear waking goosebumps on small man's skin.

"George...fuck me~" Alexander moaned as George kissed his sensetive part ot neck.

"Who is eager now?" George smirked as Alex groaned and bucked his hips.

George kissed his neck, getting on Alex slowly.

Alexander moaned as George made deeper and darker hickeys that will probably fade away for few weeks.

George began to grind on him as Alex cried out of pleasure.

"G-george!!" Alex moaned as George hummed caressing fingers across small mans body.

Alexander moaned as George took his manhood out and began to suck him off.

"F-fuck!!" Alex chokes out.

George smirked as Alexander was close. So close.

Alexandet whined.

"W-why.." Alex cried out.

"We have all night long~" George smirks as he took his manhood and put it inside Alex.

Alexander whined.

"G-go!!" He yelled not even giving himself a second to adjust.

"Eager boy.." George smirked as he began to rock and pound into him.

Alexander gasped as George began to kiss his neck.

"F-fuck!!" He was close.

Suddenly George pulled out.

"Again." Alex hissed "YOU DID IT AGAIN-- AHH!!"

He scremed as George rammed himself back in, pounding into Hamilton.

Alex gasped as George was kissing his neck again, whispering praises
Alexander dug his nails into George back, basically screeching him.

George did not make a sound. He 2as just thrusting into him.

He suddenly nailed his spot, which made Alexander gasp.

"I-IM CLOSE!" Alex cried out.

"Come, honey. Lets come together." George whispered huskingly, kissing deeply his tears of pleasure.

Alexander screamed as he came all over George and himself, George following, cumming inside him.
George pulled off, as they both panted.

Especilly Alex, who felt cumm dripping of his hole.

"Holy crap, George." He pantef, amazed.

George smiled, still panting, giving kiss to Alexander.

"Sleep. Tommorow is our day off, and we will have fun all day." George said hugging Alexander close, closing his eyes.

Alex grinned in excitment, closing his eyes and drifting to sleep.

The end

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